Welcome new Foundation Studies students - Semester 2 2023

This event is for new students of RMIT's Foundation Studies program to get familiar with your program and the new environment.

Welcome to RMIT University! You are invited to a series of events and activities to help you get familiar with RMIT and your program.

Parent Program Information Session (Sunday, 13 August)

parent student sitting chatting

The parent information session will provide parents with an opportunity to ask important questions and be introduced to:    

  • Foundation Studies program and courses  
  • RMIT policies and procedures regarding the release of student enrolment and academic progress  
  • Student support services   
  • Student attendance & academic requirements   
  • Academic calendars  
  • Foundation Studies communication channels and contact points  

Collect your RMIT student ID card (Monday, 14 August)

Your RMIT student ID card is your key to unlocking the full RMIT experience. With the RMIT student ID card, you can have access to all RMIT campuses and on-campus services such as printing, computer labs, library, and more. You can even get student discounts with the RMIT student ID card when you’re off-campus!

On your first day on campus, remember to bring your national ID card or passport to receive your student ID card in the timeframe below.

Note: Only RMIT students are allowed on campus. 

Saigon South campus

Time: 9 – 10 am

Location: Building 2 Canopy, RMIT SGS campus canopy  

Hanoi City campus

Time: 9 – 10 am

Location:  Room 1.1.022 (tower A), RMIT Hanoi campus

Orientation Week and Program Induction  (Monday, 14 August to Friday, 18 August)

To ensure you know your classmates and make new friends, attend Orientation Week. We will hold a series of fun and interesting activities from Monday to Friday to welcome you to RMIT’s School of English and University Pathways (SEUP), including the biggest Welcome of Students Event ever held on Saigon South campus! Orientation Week will ensure you know all about the expectations of your new school. It will also let you know about:    

  • Important dates and contact information 
  • RMIT’s teaching and learning platforms    
  • Tips on how to succeed at RMIT and in Foundation Studies 

Not only will you have a chance to learn and get familiar with RMIT’s dynamic environment, but you will also spend time meeting your new friends and teachers, and enjoy food, drinks and entertainment! We can’t wait to see you! 

Newbie Buzz

New students have received Newbie Buzz from the University for important information before starting their new journey at RMIT. Newbie Buzz links will be updated here when it's published. 

  • Welcome to RMIT
  • Your welcome day & campus access instruction
  • What is ahead 

Student experiences with RMIT Foundation Studies


Putu Sarmadharti Pradaswari

"I was studying in the Art, Design and Architecture stream. The extraordinary things about RMIT Training were the fantastic teachers and the engaging program. The lecturers are very patient and helpful in guiding us, international students, to accomplish maximum performance. The art and design program itself provides a wide range of tasks that enhance our skills and understanding of the subject. Through projects and class discussions, I was able to develop different ideas and learn about the design process thoroughly."

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Additional help

Students can connect with Student Connect for further information and additional support.

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