Study at RMIT Melbourne

Study at RMIT Melbourne

A global university of technology, design and enterprise.

We prepare graduates for success in life and work, so they can positively contribute to, and shape, the world.

One of Australia’s original universities, RMIT is proud of its international reputation for excellence in practical education, outcome-driven research and engagement with the needs of industry and the community. 

RMIT is a top-ranking University

RMIT offers you a world of opportunities and adventure

As a top university in regards to the number of international students in Australia, RMIT has many programs and pathways for you to choose from.

Melbourne welcomes you

A safe, multicultural, and the world’s most liveable city. Melbourne is a welcoming multicultural city where diversity is celebrated. The city is bursting with the languages, cultures, foods and entertainments of people from 180 countries all over the world who call Melbourne home. International students, in particular, are seen as a vital part of life in Melbourne and the city provides them with a warm welcome.