Ethics and Integrity

Research Ethics

Research at RMIT Vietnam reflects the values of respect, research merit and integrity, justice, and beneficence.


Respect for human beings is a recognition of their intrinsic value and capacity to make their own decisions.

Research merit and intergrity

Unless research has merit, and the researchers who carry it out have integrity the involvement of human participants is not ethically justifiable.


The regard for human sameness as expressed by fair selection. recruitment and participation in research, including benefits and burdens.


Beneficence includes the consideration of harms and potential benefits of research to participants and the community.

At RMIT Vietnam, research involving human participants must be consistent with the guidelines contained in the Australian National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Research Ethics Review

Research ethics approvals must be gained from an appropriate ethics review body and maintained for all research conducted by RMIT researchers with or about people, and/or their data, and/or their bio-specimens.

At RMIT, research considered as low or negligible risk are reviewed by the College Human Ethics Advisory Network (CHEAN) and research with more than low risk is reviewed by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

Research Integrity

RMIT recognises the principles of responsible research conduct as established in the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research 2018 (the Code).

Honesty, Rigour and Accountability

in the development, undertaking and reporting of research


in declaring and managing conflicts of interest and in the reporting of research methodology, data and findings


in the way we treat others


for research participants, the wider community, animals and the environment


and value of diversity, heritage, knowledge, cultural property, and connection to land


for the development, conduct and reporting of research


of responsible conduct of research and fostering of a culture of research integrity

RMIT Vietnam takes seriously the integrity of its research. If you would like to raise a concern regarding a breach of research integrity, please reach out to us via email.