RMIT Sustainability: Plogging - Walking and Waste Pick-up

Event overview

As part of RMIT Vietnam's support for World Cleanup Day and our ongoing efforts to make RMIT campus a zero-waste university, the RMIT Plogging - Walking & Waste Pick-up event is for all students and staff to participate, be active, and make an environmental impact together.

Join us to amplify awareness about plastic's perils and foster an active community for conservation. Together, we ignite lasting change for a sustainable future.


"Plogging," born in Sweden from "plocka upp" (pick up) and "jogga" (jog), invigorates the body while championing responsibility. Embracing the eco-conscious trend of plogging, we fuse jogging with environmental stewardship.

With companionship from Dist 7 Youth Union, Saigon Xanh and An Nam Gourmet, RMIT Plogging - Walking & Waste Pick-up expects 200 participants to be part of a 3 km walkathon on Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Phu My ward, District 7 while picking up plastic waste together.

The goal is to engage the community to raise awareness of environmental conservation, as well as awareness of the harmful effects of plastic and support for plastic recycling. All collected waste will be classified, of which clean plastic will be recycled, and the rest will be sent to the landfill.


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