RMIT Research challenge 2023

Are you an undergraduate student majoring in Economics, Finance, and Accounting and looking for hands-on experience in equity research? 

Look no further - RMIT Research Challenge is now opening for registration! 

RMIT Research Challenge is a competitive equity-research contest hosted by RMIT Vietnam Finance Club. The competition is designed to provide undergraduates, majoring in Economics, Finance, and Accounting, with opportunities to apply academic knowledge to real-life situations. In which participants form into teams and perform tactical research along with evaluations of assigned publicly listed enterprises in Vietnam. 

The competition has three rounds: 

  • Round 1: Online Test (27 May) - The Online Test Round aims to test the candidates’ financial and securities knowledge. The 20 teams with the highest score will receive the opportunity to enter Round 2. 
  • Round 2: Financial Modeling & Report (29 May - 19 June) - Participants will research equity from our provided subject company. During this round, there will be training sessions and company meetings for contestants to be well-prepared. Especially, each team will be supported by a professional mentor from the related industry. 
  • Round 3: Presentation (28 June - 15 July) - In the final round, the top 5 teams will present their research to the judges. Each team would have 15 minutes to impress the judges. After the presentation, the judges would ask specific questions for clarification and understanding of the extent of analyzing the subject company from each team. On the same day, the winner of RRC will be announced.

Find out more about the competition here: