Before semesters start

Essential checklist before you start

After completing your enrolment via myRMIT, we recommend you go through the checklist below. 

Explore and browse through the other myRMIT tiles and functionality, to familiarise yourself with your self-service options.

RMIT provides all students with a free email account upon enrolment. We’ll send official notices and important information to your student email, so make sure you check it regularly.  

Your RMIT student email is: RMIT (e.g.

If you need technical assistance, please reach out to IT support.

Your RMIT Student ID card is your key to unlocking the full RMIT experience. You can use your card to access campus, print on-campus, borrow from the Library and get RMIT exclusive discounts!

Your first student card is free. Submit your student ID card application via the Submit Request tile in myRMIT, including a colour passport-style photo. You will receive an email with instructions to collect your card on campus before starting your first semester.

You will receive an email called Newbie Buzz in your RMIT mailbox with detailed instruction to collect your RMIT student card. When collecting your first card, ensure that you bring another form of official ID (passport or national ID card) for campus access. Digital IDs will not be accepted.

You will use myTimetable to plan, create and view class timetables. Check myTimetable schedule here and view tutorial videos to learn how to use myTimetable, for example, join a waitlist for a full class, swap class groups and de-allocate selections.

You can also access myTimetable via myRMIT.

It's important that you know key dates in a year, including census dates, semester breaks, University and public holidays, and more. 

You can also access RMIT's important dates via the Important Dates tile in myRMIT.

Canvas is RMIT's Learning Management System (LMS), where you will find all your course announcements and content, including class notes and resources. Canvas also allows you to participate in course activities, undertake assessments, view and submit assignments and access your grades and feedback. Canvas courses are usually published by lecturers and ready for students to explore the week before classes begin. Canvas is the key channel for you to keep up with academic updates so be sure you access your Canvas courses early!   

You can also access Canvas via myRMIT.


English first commitment

Being part of RMIT means that you will have a student experience based on international best practices. This includes the opportunity to study and interact with both local and international individuals. Through the commitment to English-first communications across all our campuses, you are contributing to an equitable and inclusive experience for all students and staff at RMIT.

What’s next? 

Are you excited to learn How to RMIT? Register for How2RMIT workshops where you will be equipped with essential information to study successfully and get support. This is a chance for you to meet new friends, lecturers and staff, discover clubs and societies on campus and get ready to make the most of student life at RMIT.


Learning and study resources

Need help?

Contact Student Connect for admin and general enquiries, student support and academic advice.