Business and Industry

Business and industry

We connect your business or enterprise with our university and students through relationships, services and activities to create successful outcomes for all.

RMIT Design Hub building

RMIT University Vietnam has always enjoyed strong relationships with industry leaders in Vietnam, and we offer many benefits to the organisations with whom we connect. 

We believe that a long term, ongoing relationship between a university, its students, and business innovators in the region is a mutually beneficial cycle:

  • Industry provides input into the University, which helps the University shape students into graduates that are more suitable for industry’s short and long term needs;
  • RMIT Vietnam graduates’ unique skill set, developed based on industry trends, makes them more likely to excel in their careers, which means industry is employing the best people for the job.


Add to that RMIT’s workforce development options, tailored for the needs of industry partners, and it's win win win! Read on to see how your involvement with RMIT University Vietnam can be a win for your organisation.

Collaborate with RMIT

The RMIT activator space on the Saigon South campus

Activator in Ho Chi Minh City

Activator Vietnam’s vision is to develop students’ entrepreneurial mindset, gain skills for intrapreneurship and help form enterprises.

If you are interested in partnering with us on educational experiences or community events fostering entrepreneurship and enterprise skills, we’d love to hear from you.