Rights and responsibilities

Student rights and responsibilities. Including policies and processes, privacy and the student charter.

Student Charter

The Student Charter is a document that sets out what the University and its students can expect from each other. It reflects RMIT's core values and aims to set out a number of responsibilities on either side.

Policies and processes

RMIT has a number of formal policies and processes that apply to its operations. While not all of RMIT Vietnam's operations fit completely with the published policy and processes, every effort is made to ensure the intent behind the policy is met; in many cases, specific adjustments to the application of the policy are made to suit RMIT Vietnam's operations.


RMIT Vietnam operates in accordance with privacy and confidentiality laws in Australia as well as Vietnam. If your parent wants to know your results, we cannot provide them directly. The best way is for you to discuss openly your results with your parents (hiding results is not the best approach and tends to result in increased stress and a failure to address any underlying problems).

Parents who have been authorised through a privacy release waiver can also apply for an unofficial transcript of results on campus. Many students complete a privacy release waiver at the time of applying to their program. If you want to change your waiver, you can attend complete a Privacy Release form at Student Connect