RMIT Parents

RMIT Parents

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This is RMIT's dedicated page for parents of secondary school students.

Discover RMIT university and choose the right university pathway for your teens.

Information for parents

How to apply

Discover the enrollment process for your teens in RMIT university

Tuition fees

Find out more about RMIT tuition fees


Explore RMIT university's scholarship for your teens

Discover programs at RMIT Vietnam

View RMIT student calendar

Remember important dates for students during three semesters in 2022

Tips for new students

Getting your teen ready for university by reading our freshman guide

Student support services

Find out more about an extensive range of services for student at RMIT

Career support for students

Work ready skills

At RMIT, student will participate in learning opportunities to develop the confidence to approach employment with enthusiasm, appropriate knowledge and commitment.

Employment preparation

There are a range of activities and services available to assist our students with career planning and career decision making

Industry partners

RMIT has strong relationships with industry, and works with key partners to ensure programs are relevant and up-to-date. Our students will have access to professional mentors, guest speakers, and internship opportunities with our industry partners.

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Work integrated learning

RMIT is heavily involved in Work Integrated Learning (WIL), where students will use their academic learning in a ‘real life’ situation with a real industry or community partner. They may do an internship (placement), or work on an actual industry project.

Global opportunities for students

Why choose RMIT?

Excellent graduate outcomes

RMIT degrees meet the highest Australian education standards

Knowledge and skills learned at RMIT will go beyond the classroom

Blend of academics and industry leaders