Aloe! Step On

About this event

Welcome to “Aloe! Step On”, a challenge aimed at building a walking habit in 21 days.

Not only will you contribute to your own well-being with this healthy habit, but by walking 5000 steps per day for 21 days, you’ll also contribute to a greener, healthier RMIT Community!

This challenge is designed to inspire everybody to embrace an active lifestyle while making a positive impact on the environment through the simple habit of walking every day.

Challenge Objective

The objective of the challenge is simple yet impactful: walk 5000 steps per day for 21 consecutive days.

By achieving this goal, you’ll contribute to planting a tree at the RMIT Sustainability Garden, affectionately known as The Aloe Garden.


  1. Early-bird Reward: The first 50 participants to successfully register will receive a bamboo straw set, perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages sustainably.
  2. Successful Completion Reward: Upon completing the challenge in 21 days and building the habit, you’ll receive:
    • 70 Green Points: These points can be exchanged for eco-friendly products such as almond grass shopping bag, laptop bag, bamboo tumbler, sustainable cutlery set, or coffee grounds tumbler.
    • A Certificate of Completion
    • Your name will be used to name a plant in the RMIT Sustainable Garden, known as The Aloe Garden.

Booth and event dates

  • Kick off registration booth: 3 April (Week 5) 
  • Registration time: 3 April to 16 April  
  • Launching the walking habit event: 16 April (Week 7) 
  • Walking challenge time: 16 April to 8 May 
  • Ceremony award dates: Week 10 (to be confirmed)

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