Campus facilities

From food and drink to transport and parking, RMIT campuses contain excellent facilities for all students to enjoy.

Browse our campus facilities and discover everything that's available to you as an RMIT Vietnam student.

Other facilities

Hanoi campus

  • Vending machine (Snack) - located on level 1
  • Vending machine (Snack & beverage) - located on level 5C

Saigon South campus

Beanland Building

  • Juice & Coffee corners – located on Level 1
  • Stationery shop – located on Level 1, is providing photocopying, printing services
  • Lygon Café – located on Level 2 West
  • Bobby Brewers – located on Level 5

Food Court – Level 1 Beanland Building

  • Noodle U
  • Global Café
  • Asian Corners
  • Xiao Ban
  • Vietcombank ATM
  • Shinhan ATM

Food Pavillion

  • Highlands Coffee Shop
  • The Curry Hut
  • La Cantina
  • Vua Banh My

Academic Building 2

  • Boost Juice
  • Kootoro vending machine

Building 8

  • Circle K Convenience Store - located on Level 1

Building 9 (Residential Centre)

  • Nine restaurant – located on Level 1
  • Kootoro vending machine - located on Level 1

Building 10 (Recreation & Events Complex)

  • Sorrento Restaurant & Café - located on Level 2


A number of student spaces are open to support students' self-study or group work throughout the semester.

Please check the semester schedules below to learn the details:

Hanoi Campus

Room 08 (1.2.008, 06 seat capacity)

Room 09 (1.2.009, 06 seat capacity)

Room 11 (1.2.012, 10 seat capacity)

Check room availability


Phone: (84)4 3726 1460


Saigon South Campus

Room 3.31 (3rd Floor, 06 seat capacity)

Room 3.32 (3rd Floor, 06 seat capacity)

Room 4.32 (4th Floor, 06 seat capacity)

Room 4.33 (4th Floor, 10 seat capacity)

Check room availability


Phone: (84)8 3776 1319


  • Bookings can be made by a representative who is certain about the number of group members when placing the booking request.
  • Bookings can be made 01 week in advance, e.g. if today was Monday 15th October, you could book a room as far as Monday 22nd October.
  • Bookings can be done either by email, phone or directly at the library.
  • Please check the booking calendars for room availability before placing a booking request.

Booking quotas

  • Each student/staff has a quota of 02 hours per week.
  • Each group cannot have less than 2 and more than 10 members.

Checking in

  • The group representative is required to submit her/his student/staff ID to a librarian before checking in a room.
  • Booking will be forfeit after 15 mins if a group do not turn up while quota will still be deducted.

Rules of use

  • Chair number is fixed and cannot be increased by bringing more chairs outside in.
  • Writing, sticking notes on the glass windows, entrance door or tables are prohibited.

RMIT Vietnam recognises the importance of a well balanced lifestyle and university experience. Sports and Recreation not only promotes healthy lifestyles, it creates opportunities for team work, competition, cultural diversity, leadership and friendship. Sports and Recreation is committed to providing and supporting students, staff and alumni to get active and involved.