Campus facilities

From food and drink to transport and parking, RMIT campuses contain excellent facilities for all students to enjoy.

Browse our campus facilities and discover everything that's available to you as an RMIT Vietnam student.

Other facilities

Hanoi campus

  • Highlands Coffee - located on level 5C
  • Vending machine (Snack & beverage) - located on level 5C

Saigon South campus

Beanland Building

  • Juice & Coffee corners – located on Level 1
  • Stationery shop – located on Level 1, is providing photocopying, printing services
  • Lygon Café – located on Level 2 West
  • Bobby Brewers – located on Level 5
  • Kootoro vending machine – located on Level 5 from 3 July 2023

Food Court – Level 1 Beanland Building

  • Noodle U
  • Global Café
  • Asian Corners
  • The Soya House
  • Vietcombank ATM

Food Pavillion

  • Highlands Coffee Shop
  • The Curry Hut
  • La Cantina
  • 4Gs Texas Bakery

Academic Building 2

  • Boost Juice
  • Kootoro vending machine

Building 8

  • Circle K Convenience Store - located on Level 1

Building 9

  • Nine restaurant – located on Level 1

Building 10 (Recreation & Events Complex)

  • Sorrento Restaurant & Café - located on Level 2
  • Kootoro vending machine - located on Level 1


A number of student spaces are open to support students' self-study or group work throughout the semester.

Please check the semester schedules below to learn the details:

Student meeting rooms

Hanoi Campus

Book through Library team:

  • Room 1.2.007 (6 seats)
  • Room 1.2.010 (6 seats)
  • Room 1.2.012 (10 seats)
  • Room 1.2.019 (6 seats)
  • Room 1.2.020 (6 seats)
  • Room 1.2.021 (6 seats)
  • Room 1.2.022 (6 seats)
  • Room 1.2.023 (8 seats)

Book through Outlook:


Book a study room with Library team


Phone: (+84) 24 3724 5920


Saigon South Campus

Book through Library team:

  • Room 3.31 (6 seats)
  • Room 3.31 (6 seats)
  • Room 3.32 (6 seats)
  • Room 4.32 (6 seats)
  • Room 4.33 (10 seats)

Book through Outlook:

  • RUVN-SGS-B001-01-017-Meeting Room
  • RUVN-SGS-B001-01-018-Meeting Room
  • RUVN-SGS-B001-01-019-Meeting Room
  • RUVN-SGS-B001-01-020-Meeting Room
  • RUVN-SGS-B001-01-022-Meeting Room
  • RUVN-SGS-B001-01-023-Meeting Room

Book a study room with Library team


Phone: (+84) 28 3776 1319


Booking rules

  • Bookings can be made by a representative who is certain about the number of group members when placing the booking request.
  • Bookings can be made one week in advance, e.g. if today was Monday 15th October, you could book a room as far as Monday 22nd October.
  • Bookings can be done either by email, phone or directly at the library.
  • Please check the booking calendars for room availability before placing a booking request.

Booking quotas

  • Each student can only reserve one (1) room for two (2) hours per slot per week maximum.
  • Each group cannot have less than 2 and more than 10 members.

Checking in

  • The group representative is required to submit her/his student/staff ID to a librarian before checking in a room.
  • Booking will be forfeited after 15 mins if a group do not turn up while the quota will still be deducted.

Rules of use

  • The chair number is fixed and cannot be increased by bringing more chairs outside in.
  • Writing, and sticking notes on the glass windows, entrance doors or tables are prohibited

RMIT Vietnam recognises the importance of a well balanced lifestyle and university experience. Sports and Recreation not only promotes healthy lifestyles, it creates opportunities for team work, competition, cultural diversity, leadership and friendship. Sports and Recreation is committed to providing and supporting students, staff and alumni to get active and involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting rooms in level 1, building, SGS campus are bookable through Outlook Calendar. Please refer to the instructions from Microsoft: 


  • Each student/staff has a quota of 02 hours per week.
  • A recurring booking or reserve multiple rooms in the same week is rejected

Please refer to the instructions from Microsoft.

SGS campus:

  • 1.1.017 (RUVN-SGS-B001-01-017-Meeting Room)
  • 1.1.018 (RUVN-SGS-B001-01-018-Meeting Room)
  • 1.1.019 (RUVN-SGS-B001-01-019-Meeting Room)
  • 1.1.020 (RUVN-SGS-B001-01-020-Meeting Room)
  • 1.1.022 (RUVN-SGS-B001-01-022-Meeting Room)
  • 1.1.023 (RUVN-SGS-B001-01-023-Meeting Room)

Hanoi campus:

  • 1.5.019 (
  • 1.5.020 (
  • 1.5.021 (

Studio and specialised spaces bookings require permission from the space owner, i.e. the owning school or department. Different spaces may have different booking practices. Please contact Student Connect. Your request will be directed to the related school or department for further instructions.

Classrooms and teaching spaces are only bookable by staff.

Meeting rooms should be used for meeting purposes only, which should take no more than two hours per week. For self-study purposes, please use the Library, open space areas, or student common areas.

You may have occupied a space for more than 2 hours per week, creating a recurring booking, or reserve multiple rooms in the same week.

Technically, Outlook calendar will not allow conflicting bookings. Your booking may have been declined or cancelled, then the room is booked again by another person. Please use Outlook Calendar to see if the room still accepts your booking. Most importantly, please adhere to the booking regulations.

Please contact Student Connect hotline from Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. Student Connect will direct your request to a relevant team. During weekend or outside Student Connect working hour, please contact Security.

Temperature in buildings is set at 24 degrees but the actual temperature may vary. The indoor temperature is affected by the outdoor temperature. For instance, the indoor temperature will be colder when it's raining outside, and hotter when it's sunny.

On the other hand, each person will experience temperature differently. Adjusting the temperature for individual needs will also negatively affect the AC systems lifespan. Therefore, this practice is not encouraged.

These are some essential electrical outlet safety tips:
  1. Turn off the power button switch, plug in slowly and safely before turn on the switch to get power. Do not plug and unplug to the power sockets repeatedly and instantly. If the sockets is plugged incorrectly, it will trigger on circuit breaker (CB) which is designed to stop the flow of current in an electrical circuit when there is a fault to protect user device and electrical system.
  2. To fit the power outlet firmly, it is strongly recommended to use the 3-pin plug or 3-pin connector instead of 2-pin plug.
  3. Do not plug large-capacity equipment or plugging too many items into an electrical outlet to avoid overwhelm the outlets. If it is exceeding maximum allowable electrical power, the equipment might be getting warm, being damaged and lead to electrical shorts or fires.
  4. Check on your device to make sure it is in good condition before connect to socket outlet.
  5. Make sure your plug or adapter should always match with the socket outlet. In cases your plug or adapter and socket doesn’t match, do not attempt to plug or insert it into the socket by force that might cause problems with the electricity flow and trigger fire.

You may not have the permission to enter those rooms. If you believe you should have the permission, please contact Student Connect. Your request will be directed to the relevant owner of the room.

In SGS campus, please contact Parking Service staff at the check-out gate the next day for further instructions to get your card back.

SGS campus:

  • P1 & P2 Parking: 6AM to 10PM from Monday to Sunday (except TET holidays).
  • Basement AB2 Parking: 24/7 service, from Monday to Sunday (except TET holidays).

Hanoi campus:

  • Basement parking:
    • Mon-Sun: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Ground floor
    • Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
    • Sat: 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Sun: Closed

Yes, in SGS campus you can with an extra fee of VND 4,000/night.

In Hanoi, parking fee is determined by the building's parking service provider. Please check with the building's staff at the parking lot for more information.

To organise an event on campus, depending on the scale and complexity, authorisation is required from different departments and stakeholders. Please seek advice from Student Life for Club events, or your school admin or your lecturer for academic events.