Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2023

Event overview

Organised by RMIT Activator Vietnam and generously supported by RMIT The Business School, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2023 (WED23) is a distinguished event designed to pay tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of women founders. Focused on showcasing their success stories, WED23 seeks to inspire and empower others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

By convening a diverse network of female leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have not only launched businesses but have also contributed significantly to community development, WED23 spans industries to empower young women to actively participate in entrepreneurship. Our objective is to inspire the female youth at RMIT by fostering vital networks, connecting like-minded individuals and organisations, and providing the necessary support for them to realise their full potential and create a meaningful impact. 


What are waiting for you

Panel Discussion

In our panel discussion, our distinguished speakers will share brief overviews of their entrepreneurial journeys, the motivations behind their decisions to become women entrepreneurs, and insights into initiating and differentiating their businesses. The conversation will explore perceived risks in women entrepreneurship, the essence of innovation in startups, and unique opportunities for women entrepreneurs. The discussion will also touch upon essential qualities for success, the significance of mentorship and networking, and strategies for creating a more inclusive ecosystem. Lastly, the speakers will provide valuable advice for aspiring women student entrepreneurs looking to venture into entrepreneurship. 

  • Time: 10.30 am – 11.30 am  
  • Location: AB2 Auditorium, Room 2.1.05 


Step into the world of innovation and creativity at the WED23 Exhibition, a showcase of the remarkable contributions of women founders across diverse industries. Featuring 10 businesses, this showcase offers a unique opportunity to explore the most innovative and finest products with the potential to change lives. Explore the entrepreneurial spirit through interactive displays, presentations, and networking opportunities. Immerse yourself in Activator’s most exclusive WED23 merchandise and participate in engaging hands-on activities.

  • Time: 9 am – 12 pm  
  • Location: AB2 Auditorium Lobby Area

Exhibitors and guest speakers

Exhibitors and guest speakers will be revealed soon on RMIT Activator Vietnam's social media. Stay tuned!

About RMIT Activator Vietnam

RMIT Activator Vietnam, RMIT University’s growth engine for innovation and entrepreneurship. Since 2017, RMIT Activator has been unlocking entrepreneurial potential across founders, innovators, educators and student talents. 

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