Leadership Development

RMIT University Vietnam’s programs and resources allow students to develop into strong leaders who are ready for life and work.

RMIT’s unique Lead, Engage, Aspire, Develop (LEAD) program takes students showing great potential, and further develops their leadership qualities through targeted training and workshops, community projects and individual reflection. Along with programs such as the Generation Impact Challenge and the Emerging Leaders Program, students learn by addressing real life social issues and complex problems while working in teams and leveraging the University’s experts and resources.

If you have any questions, please contact: leadership@rmit.edu.vn

Meet our student leader alumni


Hoang Linh Giang

Meeting and working with many talented ambitious leaders are one of the best things I enjoyed about the RMIT Leadership Program. This program helps to create a stage for RMIT students to discover their potential, define their goals, and shine in their ways. It also transformed me from a shy girl to a confident young woman who is unhesitant to take on new challenges every day, build lifelong friendships via clubs and competitions, amplify her voice to inspire others and make remarkable contributions to RMIT community.

Utkarsh Sarbahi (2).jpg

Utkarsh Sarbahi

It was fascinating! To me, RMIT Student Leadership Program is not only fun but also appealing and eye-opening, as those redefining moments genuinely helped me to realize my true potential beyond my academics, broaden my horizons and gain new perspectives to view the world with a different lens altogether. I would recommend every RMIT student, whether you are a freshman or a final year student, not missing out on such exclusive opportunities. This experience will bring you out of your comfort zone and improve your leadership skills, preparing you for life and work.


Vo Doan Thao Nguyen

At RMIT, every student is encouraged to develop their leadership and I was simply no exception. From an ordinary freshman, by participating in the Leadership Programs, I was empowered to be the change I wanted to happen in this world. The activities trained and gave me the chance to unlock my full potential and become a purpose-driven leader. I treasure the experience and urge all RMIT fellows to make the most out of their university time by stepping out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves in the Leadership Programs.