Enrol as a new student

A guide to completing your enrolment

An offer letter from RMIT lands in your mailbox – Congratulations! What to do next is to secure your place by successfully enrolling online. 

Please follow the four steps below. We recommend you start this process as soon as you receive the RMIT offer letter to give yourself enough time to finish and avoid being rushed.

Step 1: Accept your offer

It’s time to make a decision: to accept or defer your offer. You need to either:

  • Accept your offer via the online application platform by following the prompts, by the deadline listed in your offer letter; or
  • Defer the offer via the online application platform. You may want to contact your Student Recruitment Consultant for advice or guidance


If you choose to accept your offer, follow the detailed instructions in the offer letter available via the online application platform to prepare for enrolment.

  • Pay the non-refundable tuition fee deposit of VND 20,000,000. See the available payment methods to pay RMIT fees. It may take 48 hours for your deposit payment to be updated.
  • Check the important dates and deadlines in your offer letter; pay attention to the enrolment start date and the commencement date.

Please make sure that you have paid the deposit before continuing to the next step.

Step 2: Set up your RMIT account

You will receive an email from RMIT Vietnam’s Registrar office on your personal email account with your student details and enrolment instructions.  

In the process, if you encounter any issues when accessing the system, please contact IT support.

Know your Student ID, RMIT email address and temporary password.

You’ll use your student ID, RMIT email address and temporary password to access various RMIT systems, including myRMIT - your self-service platform. 

  • Your student ID (username) is the letter ‘s’ followed by your student number (excluding any additional letters). You’ll find your student number in your RMIT enrolment email. Example: If your student number is 3123456, then your RMIT ID would be s3123456.
  • Your RMIT email address is your student number followed by @rmit.edu.vn. Example: If your student ID is s3123456, your RMIT email address is s3123456@rmit.edu.vn
  • Your temporary password is the letter 'p' followed by your date of birth backwards, with an exclamation mark '!' at the end. Example: If your date of birth is 8 April 1998, then your password is p19980408! 

If you log in myRMIT for the first time, re-set your password and familiarise yourself with the functionality available to you.

Change your temporary password as soon as possible to make sure your student account is secure. You will need your new password to access all RMIT systems, including your student email account.

  • Change your password:
    • Open your browser (preferred browsers are Firefox or Google Chrome).
    • Go to password page
    • Log in using your given RMIT ID (S-number) and temporary password
    • Click on “Change your password” tab
  • Set a new password: Type your new password (Tip: Read the instructions for password format and set your password following those rules.)
  • Confirm your new password: Re-type your new password and then click Change Password.

If you need help, please contact IT support.

RMIT Vietnam uses Microsoft Office 365’s Outlook email for email communication. All official notices from now on will be sent to your student email account.

Access RMIT Student emails through Outlook email

Outlook username: RMIT ID@rmit.edu.vn (e.g. s1234567@rmit.edu.vn)

User password: your new password. (Your Office 365's password will be the same as your student id password whenever you change it to a new password)

For further assistance with your RMIT account and student email, please contact IT support.

You will need to register for multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA requires a user to provide two factors of verification:

  • an email address and password, and
  • a request (yes or no response) or a passcode sent to your mobile phone. MFA adds an extra layer of protection to keep your data and RMIT networks more secure.

Register for MFA here 

For further assistance with your RMIT account and student email, please contact IT support.

Step 3: Enrol online

For new students, you will be pre-enrolled in your courses however please login to myRMIT and complete the pre-enrolment checklist. Click here to learn how to complete your pre-enrolment checklist.

a. Your identity details:

For Vietnamese students, you will need to provide details of your National ID Card for the purpose of National Medical Insurance. Please make sure to have your ID card ready when you start using myRMIT.

For international students, identity details are not required.

b. Watch the introductory video to learn to use myRMIT Enrolment tile to select courses for the entire academic year.

Log in to myRMIT using your RMIT student ID and your new password.

Please follow the instructions in myRMIT to select courses for the entire academic year.


  • It is recommended that you read the course requirements for your enrolment year carefully. All requirements for the year will appear beneath the Year heading in myRMIT.
  • You must enrol for the whole academic year.
  • Study Abroad/ Exchange students can also self-enrol into their courses using myRMIT. Therefore, students take full responsibility for their study load and course selections as approved by their home institutions.
  • Students of selected programs will be enrolled in advance into courses for the academic year. You are encouraged to follow this enrolment and not make changes, as the sequence of courses follows your program structure (based on available courses) and is expected to give you a better learning experience.

For further assistance with your enrolment, please contact Student Connect.

Step 4: Complete

Important notes upon completing your enrolment:

Once you have finished enrolling you MUST check your Enrolment History on myRMIT. If your enrolments do not appear correctly, please contact Student Connect for assistance.


  • After you enrol, you may continue to add or drop courses until the relevant cut-off date for adding and/or dropping courses in each semester. Please see the Important Dates and Academic Calendar for more details.
  • If you want to withdraw completely from your program, it is strongly advised you contact Student Connect to discuss this. If you still wish to withdraw, please submit a Program Cancellation form via the Submit Request tile in myRMIT.

What’s next? 

When completing your enrolment, you're now officially an RMIT student. Congratulations! 

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