Student Life

Student Life

Explore, play and get involved in social and campus activities that will make your RMIT experience one you'll never forget.

Join our vibrant and welcoming campus community and enjoy our social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities - there are endless ways to get involved.

You will have access to world-class facilities at our Saigon South campus, including playing fields, a fully-equipped gym and an indoor multi-purpose sports complex.

RMIT supports over 60 student-run clubs. Our clubs are a great way to meet new friends, develop new skills and connect with people who share your interests. You can also contribute to the community and boost your career prospects through our leadership and volunteering opportunities.

Explore the links below to find out more about student life at RMIT University Vietnam.

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is an essential part of your academic and personal development.
RMIT University Vietnam boasts around 60 student-run clubs and societies.
The RMIT Vietnam Student Council (SC) is the key advocate for all RMIT Vietnam students
Have fun, gain skills and experience planning and delivering events & activities
RMIT offers international-standard student accommodation on our SGS campus.