Be Savvy - Be the Change: Safer Community Awareness Weeks

RMIT is committed to providing a respectful and safe place to study and work. We do not tolerate unwanted or threatening behaviour, including sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination on and off campus. 

Safer Community Awareness Weeks: Be Savvy - Be the change will be held in Weeks 4 and 5 this semester. Through interactive activities and online courses, you will gain information about sexual harm prevention and recommended practices to respond to incidents or experiences of sexual harm. You will also learn more about Safer Community as the focal point of service to seek support.

This campaign is a joint initiative of the RMIT Wellbeing department and RMIT SGS Visual Art Club.

Meet Little Sa

“Little Sa” (aka bé Sa) is an initiative from our SCD student, Han Ly. Sa is from Safer, Savvy, Savior, and Save.

Little Sa is active, enthusiastic, and open-minded to support every member of RMIT Vietnam. They are also curious, adaptive, and cute. 

safer-community-weeks-sa-animated-figures - 1


There are many ways to get involved

a student takes note when learning online

Online module: Understanding and Addressing Sexual harassment

This 90-minute online module will give you a thorough understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace, recognise the prevalence and gendered nature of sexual harassment, understand the underlying causes of sexual harassment, and build your capacity to put prevention strategies into practice in order to create a safe and respectful workplace culture.

a student looks for something using a binocular

Safer community builders: Treasure hunt (SGS)

Students and staff play an important role in building a safe community for everyone at RMIT. You can be a safer community builder, a driving force to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault. Begin by improving your knowledge, get helpful advice and be certified as 'a fan of respect’! 

Good news: there are mini gifts for everyone who joins! What is even better? The first 200 staff and students who give 90% correct answers will get a special reward from RMIT’s Safer Community team.  


  • There are QR codes around the Saigon South campus that contain clues to help you complete the quiz. Look around for these QR codes, but don’t climb trees or stand on the edges because they are not hidden there! 

  • Having inquiries? Visit the Recharge booth of the Visual Art Club on campus to have your questions answered.

a note saying do not forget to recharge

RMIT Visual Art Club’s Recharge booth (SGS)

Starting on 28 March, a Recharge Booth will be set up on the Saigon South campus by the RMIT Visual Art Club. Come to visit the Recharge Booth to get helpful information about the Be Savvy Be the Change campaign, play mini-games, and take home cool stickers. 

a note saying do not forget to recharge

Workshop Be Savvy, Be the Change (SGS)

Leading by a Safer Community Advisor and Wellbeing Advisors, the workshop is for students to gain awareness and understanding about school-related violence and sexual harm. After the workshop, participants will have hands-on knowledge of how to respond to the threats under the support and official reporting channels of RMIT Vietnam.  

  • Date and time: 5 April, 1 – 3 pm 
  • Location: Room 1.02.014, SGS campus

Prior to the workshop, all participants are encouraged to complete the online module Understanding and Addressing Sexual harassment by 6 April.  

By the completion of the workshop, plus the online course, participants are rewarded with our precious "I'm a fan of respect" present from the Safer Community.

When joining our activities, you are welcome to share your achievement with us with #bethechange #safercommunity #RMITVAC as a commitment to becoming a safer community builder at RMIT Vietnam.