Celebrate your hard work and all that you have achieved during your time at RMIT before you embark on a new adventure.

Graduation is a momentous milestone in every student’s life. Discover all you need to know about the graduation process at RMIT Vietnam.


To graduate from RMIT University Vietnam you need to ensure that you have:

  • Met all academic requirements for your program
  • No missing results or credit transfers
  • No financial debt owing to the University

Apply to graduate

RMIT Vietnam students in diploma and degree programs are invited to graduate. However, graduation does not occur automatically when you complete a program of study and you need to apply to graduate in your final year. If you believe you are eligible to graduate, you are responsible for submitting an Application to Graduate by logging into this link.

If you do not wish to attend the ceremony, you are still required to complete an application to graduate and indicate that you wish to confer your degree in absentia. The term 'graduate in absentia' originates from the Latin word for absence (absentia). It simply means that you graduate without attending an official ceremony. In this case, you will receive your official testamur (certificate) from the Student Administration Office 

  1. Ensure you’re eligible to graduate from RMIT Vietnam University.
  2. Log in to the Enrolment Portal using your student ID and password.
  3. Select the My student record button
  4. Go to Graduation details and manage your graduation application from here (Apply to graduate/ Change graduation option/View application status)
  5. Click Apply to graduate for the appropriate program
  6. In the Graduation option section, select either of the following:
    1. In absentia: No further selections are required if this option is chosen.
    2. Ceremony: If this option is selected, the student is asked to select the ceremony location and ceremony date to attend.
  7. To change the name order that will appear on the testamur, click on Change name order
    The Update name order on testamur page displays. You can only choose from the available options in the list and then click OK to apply the change and return to the previous page. 
  8. To continue with the application, click Continue
  9. Click Continue to proceed with submitting the application
  • Please do not forget to enter your personal email address as the application confirmation will be sent to your personal email.
  • If you have changed your name, or believe it has been incorrectly recorded by RMIT, please complete and submit change your personal details form to RMIT Connect, RMIT Vietnam as soon as possible.
  • You must notify RMIT Vietnam of any changes to your mailing address by complete and submit change your personal details form to RMIT Connect, RMIT Vietnam as soon as possible.
  • Please be aware that you cannot graduate if you owe a debt to the University, have outstanding enrolment requirements or have not met all academic requirements of your program.
  • As required by the Australian Data Retention Act 2015once you've been conferred (i.e. at the point of graduation), your access to all student systems including your RMIT student account will be removed. It’s essential that you register a current personal email address with RMIT to avoid missing key communications. We also recommend that you take the time to back up any personal information, important documents, and emails stored in student systems to minimise loss and inconvenience.
  • For more information: Contact RMIT Connect via RMIT Online portal.

Graduation Ceremony Fees and Payment Methods

Graduation fees are payable in advance. Detailed fee information will be available closer to the date.

Name on your testamur

The name on your testamur will appear as your current University record (first name surname). To accommodate cultural differences, you can change the order of your testamur name; e.g. surname then given name, when you log into the graduation database. For further information regarding the testamur name policy please refer to Testamur information.

Take care to ensure the correct name will be on your testamur.

Changing your address and personal details

It is important that RMIT can contact you for graduation and as an alumna. Please take this opportunity to notify RMIT of any changes in personal details, such as your personal email, phone and mailing address.

Intermediate awards process

Intermediate Awards are available for students in a degree program who have satisfied the academic criteria for the associated diploma program and may, due to academic difficulties or financial hardship, choose to exit with a diploma award.

How to put on a gown, stole or hood and mortarboard

Please refer to the gown demonstration video on YouTube for instructions on how to wear a graduation gown, stole or hood and motar board.

How to apply for a replacement testamur (certificate)

You can refer to Replacement testamurs for information on replacement testamur (certificate).

Your transcript is an official record of your studies at RMIT University, across all program/s. It documents your programs, courses, results and any exemptions granted or withdrawals from courses after the census date. When applicable, transcripts include details of completion, conferral (graduation) and University-awarded prizes and recognition. 

  • Completion transcript: is a transcript generated after a student has officially completed their program. As soon as the School confirms completion of your program, you will qualify for a Completion transcript. This will show you have met the requirements to graduate and will assist you with employability in the period before conferral/ graduation. Completion transcript has gone digital via My eQuals.
  • Academic transcript: is a document issued by the University that states your result in a program, your GPA. Academic transcript has gone digital via My eQuals. A copy of a transcript can be requested online (fee applies). 
  • Award transcript: is a transcript generated after conferral date (graduation at a ceremony or in absentia) - it will state that you have completed your program and been conferred.  Award transcripts have gone digital via My eQuals. An email will be sent to your personal email account after graduation telling you that RMIT has issued the digital documents and how to access them. 
  • Unofficial transcript: is an interim document that can be issued from RMIT Vietnam to enable you to evidence your studies. This is often sufficient for employment purposes or applications for further study, where you have not yet completed your studies at RMIT and do not yet have an official transcript. An unofficial transcript may be ordered from RMIT Connect (fee applies).