RMIT Careers Festival 2023

About Careers Festival 2023

RMIT Careers Festival 2023 is promised to be the biggest career development event of the year exclusively for the RMIT community of students, staff and alumni. 

The festival will be in September 2023 with many interactive career preparation activities to create and enhance RMIT students’ experience with Careers Fair being the highlight event. 

With the theme of Sustainability, RMIT Careers Festival 2023 REGEN encourages students to view careers not just as a means for individual growth, but as a pathway to enact meaningful change upon society and ensure the longevity of our planet. Hence, moving towards a sustainable and regenerative future! 

For more details on business vendors and agenda, visit the Career Festival 2023 website.



Our foremost goal is to equip students like you with diverse perspectives on sustainable industry practices, tools, and knowledge. We aim to inspire and prepare the next generation of professionals to forge lasting, sustainable careers that not only prosper economically but also positively contribute to society and the environment.

We endeavor to create an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages collaboration and networking. By bringing together industry partners, students, and staff, we aim to foster a strong sense of community committed to sustainability.

At the RMIT Careers Festival 2023, we embrace sustainability not only in theme but in every aspect of the event itself. From selecting eco-friendly event venues to responsible waste management, we are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of the festival.

We invite industry partners to join us in this sustainability journey. By participating in the Careers Festival 2023, companies can showcase their commitment to corporate social responsibility and aligning their practices with sustainable principles.

Beyond the festival, we hope to inspire a lasting cultural shift towards sustainability. By encouraging everyone involved to adopt sustainable practices, we strive to create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the event’s duration.

Why you should join

By joining the event, students will have the opportunities to

Build employability skills to help you prepare for all essential steps in your career development

Have 1-on-1 opportunities to challenge your interview readiness with HR recruiters

Establish professional network and get mentorship from industry thought leaders to gain career insights

Explore 200+ job opportunities and career paths with more than 40 companies in various fields

Event activities

For further details on individual event, visit the Career Festival website.

Saigon South campus

Date Event
9 September Careers Boot Camp: Uplift your Networking & Pitching skills
13 September Online Career Fair (Gather Town platform)
13-14 September Sustainability Company Tours
21 September Career Fair Day (SGS Sports Hall)

Hanoi campus

Date Event
5 September Sustainability Company Tour: Sao Thai Duong Company
6 September Panel Discussion: Into Sustainable Future 
9 September Careers Boot Camp: Career Fit? Network and interview your way to a job
13 September Online Career Fair (Gather Town platform)
14 September Career Fair Day (Student Breakout Space)

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