RMIT Vietnam Student Council Election 2024

About the election

The Student Council Election is an annual process, through which the students of RMIT Vietnam elect new leaders to represent them to voice their interests and opinions in a variety of areas and contribute to the enrichment of student life through events and initiatives.

Coming to its 13th Generation, the Student Council Election 2024 will focus on the 3 key themes: Impact, Sustainability, and Inclusion



About the student council

RMIT Vietnam Student Council (SC) is the representative of the RMIT Vietnam student body. SC is the conduit for communication between students and the University.

Election process

During the Election period, interested and qualified students may nominate themselves into electable positions on the Student Council, either with an Electoral Team or as individuals, as President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Chief of Finance, and officers of various student-related areas. Candidates then campaign by outlining their goals, priorities, and plans for improving the school community.

The Election process often involves electoral campaigns, debates, speeches, and the use of promotional materials to garner support from fellow students of RMIT Vietnam. All students of HE programs can then cast their votes through electronic voting systems to select the candidates that they believe will best represent their interests and lead the student body effectively.

Once the votes are tallied, the candidates with the highest votes in each position will be declared as new members of Student Council Generation 13. These elected members will then work collaboratively to advocate for student concerns, hold meaningful events and initiatives, and implement positive changes within the school community throughout their one-year term in office.

Electable positions

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Chief of Finance
  • Secretary and Treasurer
  • Academic Officer
  • Activity Officer
  • Clubs and Societies Officer
  • Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Liaison Officer
  • Media Officer
  • Rights and Welfare Officer
  • International Officer (SGS campus only)


  • Online nominations: 15 April to 5 May (W7 – W9) 
  • Candidate electoral campaign and voting period:  9 May to 2 June (W10 – W13) 
  • Results announcement: 4 June (W14) 
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Stay updated

Check out Student Council SGS and HN Facebook pages to keep up with all the latest updates and this year's nominees.

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