Exchange student stories

Global experience programs can be a life-changing experience - but don’t just take it from us. Below are stories from our students who embarked on such journeys.


Cross-campus to RMIT Melbourne

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Nguyen An Duc

Bachelor of Business (Digital Business), Year of completion: 2023

“Academically, I've had the privilege of learning from a diverse group of professors and peers, gaining exposure to different teaching methodologies of one of the top-ranking countries for education. Emotionally, living in a new city, I've become more independent and self-reliant, learning to navigate life in a completely different setting.

So, don't hesitate to embark on this incredible adventure, and you'll return home with a newfound sense of self and a world of opportunities ahead.”


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Nguyen Ngoc Son

Bachelor of Business (International Business), Year of completion: 2020

“I wanted to explore new cultures and have new experiences, so I thought Melbourne was a great place to go. It’s a huge city with cool buildings, plus it's in the Central Business District so the atmosphere is always exciting.

There is also a great diversity in terms of animals, weather, people, culture, cuisine, events, … I learned a lot about multicultural diversity among people from various countries and we need to embrace as well as respect them irrespective of the differences.”

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Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Year of completion: 2023

"I chose to do cross-campus to RMIT Melbourne first because of the vibrant city life and intriguing nature (I'm curious about giant animals I have seen on social media); then because the tuition fee was the same as RMIT Vietnam, thus I could reduce the financial burden but was still able to have a wonderful study abroad experience. Melbourne is also a romantic city!

I became more mature and had the chance to meet a lot of friends coming from different cultures. Do not hesitate any more. You won't regret it."

Exchange to partner institutions

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Chung Quan Tin

Bachelor of Information Technology, Institution: Northeastern University, U.S.A., Year of completion: 2023

“That particular year [of going on exchange] stands as the most remarkable and extraordinary chapter of my life. One aspect that stands out amidst these recollections is the sense of liberation. It provided an environment that nurtured my creativity and offered a unique sense of boundless possibilities.

This program has changed my perspective of life. Whenever I tell the story with my friends, I call it a trip to find my uniqueness."

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Nguyen Quynh Anh

Bachelor of Business (Management); Institution: IÉSEG School of Management, France; Year of completion: 2023

“I have made friends that could be lifelong, and some of them even became my roommates. With them, I learned so much about other cultures and myself. I believe that I have become a whole new person after this program, and it would be really difficult for me to say goodbye to this beautiful city and all my great friends.”

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Le Thi Huong Thao

Bachelor of Professional Communication, Institution: Korea Advanced Institution of Science & Technology, Year of completion: 2018

"I had always wanted to experience studying abroad and step out of my comfort zone so I found RMIT exchange programme fascinating. I was still able to find a suitable university for my major in a non-English speaking country as I got a handful of help from the Mobility team.

KAIST University was beyond my expectations. It was a renowned multi-nationality environment with a welcoming Vietnamese community. I highly recommend this programme as you will only find such unique experiences as an exchange student."




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