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RMIT provides world-class blended learning with both face-to-face and online experiences in a global network, a supportive community, and real-world skills.

RMIT has taught blended learning for many years, and we are here to demystify the experience in order for you to make an informed choice. We train all our students in blended learning so that the transition from university into working life is a smooth one.

Our blended learning experience is accessible, inclusive and connected. Supported by our specialist spaces, equipment and technologies, it combines the high quality of your education and learning outcomes with an enhanced digital experience that equips learners for working life in the 21st century.

RMIT nurtures a 21st century skillset

Face-to-face classes

Global virtual presentations

Online experiences

Computer skills

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Understanding blended learning at RMIT | RMIT Vietnam

Blended learning is a well-established method with many proven benefits for students in terms of learning and future career readiness! Why has RMIT embraced this innovative educational approach? What are the benefits for students? Watch the video learn more about how blended learning works at RMIT.

The study experience

RMIT focuses on active learning and provides authentic assessment and work integrated learning as part of our curriculum, and have taken this approach for several years. This approach has always included online learning and presentations, along with other skills commonly used in modern work life.

You can access industry lectures, webinars, internship job listings and expert panels online, allowing global access in our multinational university. 

Advanced classroom technology

Global resources

Online and offline support

High interactivity

How blended study works for you

Get the experience and industry skills that set RMIT graduates apart

  • your personalised study portal
  • orientation resources
  • how to prepare to go online
  • academic and personal support when you need it
  • easy-to-use online learning tools and resources, including recordings of live classes and additional lectures
  • library access
  • IT support
  • Tips and tricks
  • online learning activities to demonstrate skills and receive feedback.

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