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RMIT IELTS Pathway improves your English proficiency including listening, reading, writing, and speaking whilst simultaneously equipping you with IELTS strategies and techniques, so that you will be ready to take the test with confidence at any level thanks to our guaranteed program.

RMIT offers a comprehensive and interactive course which combines academic techniques and exam strategies through hands-on practice of the four tested skills to maximise your IELTS test scores:

  • Confidently use a wide range of vocabulary
  • Engage in impressive and concise conversation
  • Effectively write simple and complex sentences
  • Comprehend and respond to complex arguments
  • Analyse and paraphrase information
  • Demonstrate the correct use of grammar
  • Understand exam strategies to maximise IELTS Test scores

English placement test

We offer English placement tests to find your current level. The test includes grammar, writing and speaking and is conducted by RMIT English teachers to make sure you are enrolled in the correct level.

Course structure

When you enrol in an IELTS Pathway Course at RMIT, you will take a placement test to identify the correct level for you. This will help you to achieve the test result you are aiming for. 

If your official IELTS Test result does not meet the outcome band score of your course, you can repeat one course free of charge meeting these criteria:

  • A minimum of 85% attendance
  • Completion of 80% of homework assignments, including extensive reading, online study, and uploaded writing tasks on time
  • Passing the speaking and writing end-of-course exams for the course
  • IELTS Test result must be submitted within 3 months of the final day of the course

RMIT Hanoi:


Exit IELTS score

IELTS Pathway 1A IELTS 4.5
IELTS Pathway 1B IELTS 5.0
IELTS Pathway 2A IELTS 5.5
IELTS Pathway 2B IELTS 6.0
IELTS Pathway 3A IELTS 6.5
IELTS Pathway 3B IELTS 7.0 +

RMIT Danang:


Exit IELTS score

IELTS Pathway 1 IELTS 4.5
IELTS Pathway 1 Mastery IELTS 5.0
IELTS Pathway 2 IELTS 5.5
IELTS Pathway 2 Mastery IELTS 6.0
IELTS Pathway 3 IELTS 6.5
IELTS Pathway 3 Mastery IELTS 7.0+

When taking IELTS Pathway courses, you will:

  • Experience 2 practice tests during the course, and 1 full mock-test (outside class) in real testing conditions with our experts, all to prepare yourself for the challenge as well as receive timely feedback on your progress
  • Receive private one-on-one or group tutoring service, which is available for you to book outside of class hours to get support from an experienced IELTS expert with any skills you would like to improve
  • Use RMIT's online workbook system and X-reading extensive reading software to prepare for your exam, as well as benefit from RMIT's modern facilities and library with thousands of materials and e-books from RMIT Melbourne's system

Learning, teaching and assessment

At RMIT our English teachers are IELTS experts who are university-employed and hold qualifications and degrees recognised by NEAS*. You will benefit from our up-to-date knowledge and insights into IELTS examinations, and quickly improve your skills as a result of a vibrant and engaging teaching and learning experience. 
You will get 7 writing tasks with teacher feedback throughout the course, to help you become more skillful and fluent. Progress tests at the end of each unit will allow you, and your teacher, to better understand your own learning needs and areas to work on.

*NEAS is a leading independent organisation for English language teaching quality assessment worldwide with over 200 members in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Middle East.

How to apply

1. Contact a program advisor

2. Register for a placement test

3. Take the placement test

4. Results and invitation

Sorry, this program is not available for international students intending to study on a student visa.

If you hold a different visa type, you may be eligible. Please contact Study@RMIT for more information.