Blended Learning with SEUP

Continue your education with blended learning

The world has changed, and digital learning and skills have never been more important.

We're here to help you understand how the School of English & University Pathways offers an online or blended learning experience that offers high interactivity, individualised student support, and the flexibility to study at a pace that suits your needs. 

The SEUP approach

The School of English & University Pathways has a unique interactive class format, with the same learning and teaching approach and additional unique aspects specifically for online and blended classes This approach provides flexibility to your learning with a mix of self- and teacher-led activities.

Live classes

Our classes take place both online and face-to-face. Join your teachers and classmates for group work, discussion and other interactive activities.

Guided online learning

Take part in activities that complement your live classes. These include online forums, collaboration tools and group projects that will enhance your critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Self paced learning

Our digital learning platform provides a variety of learning materials that you can access at a time and place that suits you.

Blended learning is new to many, so we are here to help

Regular, individualised feedback

One on one drop-in sessions with teachers

Specialised tutoring and academic skills support

Recommendations for independent study

We tackle your questions

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Blended learning FAQs

From study support to personal support, IT enquiries to how to prepare for an online class, we cover it all. 

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