English for University tuition fees

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English for University tuition fees

English for University rebate 2020

Students studying English for University courses, or English components in UniSTART at RMIT Vietnam, will receive a rebate equivalent to 30% (valid until April 30 2020) of their total English course fees paid to RMIT Vietnam when they articulate to a bachelor or master program.A rebate is offered to students of English for University. 

For 1 level (10 weeks ~ 200 hours) - 52,065,000 VND, 30% of English tuition (15,620,000 VND per level) will be deducted from the student's undergraduate or postgraduate tuition fee.

Terms and conditions of the English rebate program

The English rebate program is eligible for English & UniSTART students who remain continuously enrolled in English courses then articulate to Bachelor or Master degrees in RMIT Vietnam or Melbourne campuses.

If a postpone is required, students must submit a Leave of Absence application and receive approval from RMIT, for a maximum duration of 6 months (2 English terms or 1 higher education semester) in order to utilise the rebate program.

The rebate will be deducted from the tuition fees of the first three semesters of their bachelor or master program. This rebate is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Students will not qualify for the family or alumni discount for tuition fees relating to the English for University courses and UniSTART programs. Recipients of the rebate remain eligible for the family or alumni discount when they articulate to a bachelor or master program. 

Notes on fees and charges

  1. Program fees are priced and invoiced in Vietnam Dong (VND) by semester.
  2. Payment in other currencies will be converted to VND at the exchange rate on that day. Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment.
  3. The fees in USD are ONLY applicable to those international students who arrange for payment from overseas, as per Circular No. 32/2013/TT-NHNN.   
  4. For security reasons and to minimize waiting time, students are encouraged to pay tuition fees by transferring them to RMIT Vietnam’s Vietcombank/ANZ bank account or by depositing them directly at a Vietcombank/ANZ bank branch.
  5. A cash handling fee of VND 360,000 will be charged for all tuition fee payments made in cash to the Saigon South campus cashier. This fee applies for both English and academic program fees. The fee does not apply to the deposit made by​ students​ ​​new ​to​ ​a course​.​​

Tuition fees and medical insurance fees are subject to change without notice.