English for University tuition fees

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English for University tuition fees

Program name


Program fee

Program fee

(Indicative USD fee)

Beginner 10 weeks 42,642,000 1,829
Elementary 10 weeks 56,855,000 2,438
Pre-Intermediate  10 weeks 56,855,000 2,438
Intermediate  10 weeks 56,855,000 2,438
Upper-Intermediate  10 weeks 56,855,000 2,438
Pre-Advanced 10 weeks 56,855,000 2,438
Advanced  10 weeks 56,855,000 2,438

English for University discount

In 2023, students studying English courses as part of the English for University program at RMIT in Vietnam will receive a discount equivalent to 15% of their total English course fees. The figure shown in the table is not the reduced fee.

The discount cannot be applied simultaneously with any other tuition fee discount or scholarship. Please refer to our tuition fee discounts page for the full list of discounts, and terms and conditions.

Notes on fees and charges

  1. Program fees are priced and invoiced in Vietnam Dong (VND) by course.
  2. Payment in other currencies will be converted to VND at the exchange rate on that day. Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment.
  3. The fees in USD are ONLY applicable to those international students who arrange for payment from overseas, per Circular No. 32/2013/TT-NHNN.   
  4. Fees are indicative only and subject to change based on individual enrolment. These fees only apply for 2023. For further details and terms and conditions, refer to the Student Fees and Charges Guide.
  5. Tuition fees and medical insurance fees are subject to change without notice.