myRMIT information

myRMIT – student self-service platform

myRMIT gives you access to everything you need to manage your studies, from enrolment through to graduation.

You can access myRMIT on your desktop or mobile to:

  • enrol into classes
  • update your personal details
  • check your timetable
  • view your results
  • apply for scholarships
  • apply to graduate

and much more.

Text And Media Video

Introducing myRMIT, the student self-service platform

Check out this video introducing myRMIT, the student self-service platform that offers students the freedom and flexibility to manage their student administration from enrolment through to graduation.

myRMIT tiles

Learn more about all the tasks you can perform in myRMIT via each button below.


The Tasks tile lists any pending actions assigned to you like pre-enrolment checklist and declarations, or any other pending tasks you need to keep track of throughout the year like holds on your account, overdue fees, expiring visas, etc.

Personal Details

The Personal Details tile allows you to view, verify, and request updates to your personal information including name, address, contact details, and emergency contact details.


The Enrolment tile allows you to see and manage all courses that you’re enrolled into, including your majors and minors, and view your enrolment history to confirm enrolment.


Clicking on the myTimetable tile will take you to myTimetable, where you can plan, create, and view your class timetable.

Academic Records

The Academic Records tile allows you to view your enrolment history, course results, and academic history, and download your Statement of Enrolment.

Financial Account

The Financial Account tile allows you to view tuition fees, any charges by semester, overdue fees, and other charges, provide bank account details, and view your payment history along with invoices.


The scholarship tile is coming soon. In the meantime, click the button below to access information about our currently available scholarships and to submit an application.


The Graduation tile allows you to apply to graduate, view the status of your graduation application, and change your graduation options, including graduation ceremonies.

Important Dates

Clicking on the Important Dates tile will take you to the Important dates and Academic calendar page, where you find key dates such as enrolment deadlines, assessment periods, results releases, and semester breaks.


Clicking on the Canvas tile will direct you to Canvas, and keep you logged in, while you will be able to manage your courses and studies.

Submit Requests

The Submit Requests tile allows you to submit various online forms and attach relevant supporting documentation, including requesting leave of absence, change of program, change of primary name.


Clicking the FAQ tile will direct you to this myRMIT information page you’re on, where you can find more information about myRMIT, including a range of user guides, intro videos, and frequently asked questions.

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