Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are fundamental tasks in a study program which you will be required to do during learning activities or work placement.

By understanding the types of activities you’ll participate in, and the non-academic abilities you may need to complete your chosen program you can:

  • understand more about the program
  • determine if you may need learning adjustments and support during your studies
  • make an informed decision about whether this program is suitable for you

Available support

If there are any activities outlined which may be difficult for you to undertake, please discuss this with RMIT program staff or the Equitable Learning and Accessibility (ELA).

If you are living with disability, long term illness and/or a mental health condition you will be supported with learning adjustments to activities in your program so that you can participate fully in your studies. In order to receive adjustments, you need to register with ELA.

Read RMIT's Commitment Statement for Program Inherent Requirements.