Personal Details

The Personal Details tile allows you to view, verify and request updates to your personal information including name, address, contact details and emergency contact details.

About the tile

The Personal Details tile contains:

  • Personal Details – you can view your personal details such as student ID, date of birth, gender and update your preferred name
  • Contact Details – you can add or update your phone number(s) and personal e-mail address(es)
  • Addresses – you can add or update your address(es)
  • Emergency Contacts – you can add or update your emergency contact(s)
  • Privacy Release (Third Party Access) – you can add, update, or remove third party permission to access academic or financial. You must be over 18 years to amend Privacy Release data. If you do not have access to update these fields, please contact Student Connect.

There are some fields that you will not be able to amend via self-service, like your primary name, national ID, date of birth, or study visa. If these are incorrect, please submit the relevant form via the myRMIT Submit Request tile and provide relevant supporting documents.

Frequently asked questions

You cannot edit your primary name via myRMIT as it is used for identity verification and official statements. If your primary name requires amendment, use the Change of Primary Name form in the myRMIT Submit Request tile.

You can change your Preferred Name in the myRMIT Personal Details tile. Click on Personal Details from the side navigation pane to view, then click on the Preferred Name. The Edit Name page displays where you can edit the available name fields and save your changes.

You have the option to customise your preferred name. The preferred name can be different from your primary name and the order can also be adjusted.

Please note that the preferred name cannot include any diacritics. If you accidentally enter diacritics, they will be automatically removed when you save the changes.

Your Campus email is the RMIT email address which cannot be edited and is provided by RMIT for all official communications from the University. This email address is always set as the preferred contact email address by default.

Your Personal email can be edited via the myRMIT Personal Details tile and must be provided by you for important communications about graduation and to access digital academic statements online. You will be prompted to enter or confirm this email address when you apply to graduate.

You can change both your home and mailing address in the myRMIT Personal Details tile. Click the Addresses option from the side navigation pane to view/edit home and mailing address details. Students must provide both a home address and mailing address.

To change these, click on the Plus + icon or the Address from the Home or Mailing Address section. The Edit Address page displays, where you can edit the address and save the changes.

You can add an address that is applicable from a future date by selecting a future date from the calendar icon on the From field.

The Copy From link can be used where you have the same Home and Mailing Address. This will let you copy the details from another address type without having to enter this again.

While entering keywords in the Search field, use one of the following ways: For example, if you want to search for a province:

  • Type 'Tinh' and then the province name. For example, Tinh Dong Nai, or
  • Type '%' and then the province name. For example, %Dong Nai

Use same format for District (Quan), Ward (Phuong) and so on.

You can change your emergency contact information in the myRMIT Personal Details tile. Click the Emergency Contact option from the side navigation pane to view, add and edit your emergency contact details.

When you click on the Plus + icon, the Add Contact page displays, and you can add, update, change your contacts and save your changes.

You can add multiple emergency contacts here and select the preferred contact.

Emergency contact information is mandatory.

If you are under 18 years old, contact Student Connect to change your Emergency Contact information.

If you wish to change your Vietnam National ID data, please contact Student Connect.

If you wish to change your Study Visa details, please contact Student Connect.

You can change the order of your Privacy Release/ third-party nominations, in the myRMIT Personal Details tile. Click the Privacy Release option from the side navigation pane to share your information with another person. This page allows you to give consent to release your personal, academic, or financial information to this nominated person (such as a parent).

Where a release has already been provided, the existing nominated names are listed here. The Status column indicates if the release is active or not. The privacy release can be set to expire after a certain date by providing an end date.

To add contact information, click on the Plus + icon from the Names section and add, edit, update and save your changes. You can click the Information icon next to each heading to see what these covers and/or for more instruction/ explanation.

You must be over 18 years to make changes to this section. If you are under 18, please contact Student Connect to make any changes to your Privacy Release or nominated third parties.

The date format will need to be changed in your browser, not in myRMIT. To do this, complete the following steps: 

  1. At the top-right of your browser address bar, click the three dots, and click Settings. 
  2. From the left side menu, click Languages. 
  3. Click Add languages: English (Australia) for dd/mm/yyyy format. Or, if English (Australia) is already there, make sure it is at the top of the list by clicking the three dots against English (Australia). 
  4. Restart or refresh the browser for the changes to reflect.