Canvas - study portal

Canvas is a powerful learning tool which students use throughout their time at RMIT Vietnam.


Students find most areas of Canvas straightforward to use. The Canvas Student Guides will provide basic instructions for students on Canvas features.

The following are some common questions that students have about using Canvas.

For the first weeks

Canvas Login

  • Go to (s-number and RMIT network password)
  • For courses in the new semester, they will be available to you 7 calendar days before the start of the semester. You can access the courses you studied in the previous semesters throughout your university time.

Read Course Guide and Getting Started module

  • Once your logged into Canvas successfully, you can view the Dashboard with enrolled courses. Click the course card to access the course directly.
  • Read the Course Guide and Getting Started module on the Homepage
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How do I login to Canvas?

Find out how to log in, find your courses and navigate to find everything you need.