Canvas - study portal

Canvas is a powerful learning tool which students use throughout their time at RMIT Vietnam.


Students find most areas of Canvas straightforward to use. The Canvas Student Guides will provide basic instructions for students on Canvas features.

The following are some common questions that students have about using Canvas.

Before your first week

Log in to Canvas

  • Canvas courses are usually available about a week before the start of the course. 
    • If you add a new course just before the semester starts, the Canvas will be available to you overnight.
    • If a course is not visible yet, it is because the lecturer still needs a little more time to make it perfect!

Read Course Guides and Getting Started Modules

  • Once you are logged into Canvas successfully, you can view the Dashboard with enrolled courses. Click the course card to access the course directly.
  • Read the Course Guide and Getting Started Module on the Homepage

During the semester

Your Canvas courses will be organised by week or by topic. Every week or topic will have a Canvas Module. The Module will have everything you need to learn in one place. 

As you begin each new Module, look for the 'What's Happening' page which will tell you

  • Everything you will learn.
  • What actions you need to take to learn.

Submitting work

Getting feedback

Learn with others in Canvas

Canvas is much more than a place to find PowerPoints! You can work and learn together with your teachers and fellow students. Here are some tools you will use:

Synchronous learning tools

'Synchronous' means 'at the same time.' Synchronous tools let you work with your teachers and peers in real-time. RMIT has two systems for synchronous learning.

Most Canvas courses use one or the other. Not both. If you do not know which tool to use, check these areas of the course Canvas carefully: Announcements, Week/Topic Modules, and the Getting Started pages. If you still cannot find which tool to use, contact your lecturer.

Asynchronous learning tools

'Asynchronous' means '*not* at the same time.' These tools let you learn and contribute at a convenient time. Your peers can work with you at a time that is good for them. Your teacher can find your work and provide feedback on it after you have finished.

Need more support

If you are not sure what to do in your Canvas course, the first person to ask is your teacher. You can also contact the Course Coordinator (CC). The CC is listed in the 'Key Contacts' in the Getting Started Module.

These resources will help you get familiar with the Canvas software:


How do I login to Canvas?

Find out how to log in, find your courses and navigate to find everything you need.