If you want the University to review a decision or outcome that has directly impacted your studies, you can submit an appeal.

What is an appeal?

You may submit an appeal if you want the University to review a decision or outcome that has directly impacted your studies.

The types of outcomes you can appeal are listed below. 

How to submit an appeal

You need to complete and submit the correct form, with supporting documentation and evidence, by the stated deadline. See the tables below for more information.

Please ensure you read and understand the instructions on the relevant appeal form. Different forms may have different instructions, including grounds of appeal and submission deadlines.

What do you want to appeal How to submit an appeal Deadline

Final course result

To appeal the final grade you’ve been awarded for a course/subject at the end of semester/term.

Stage 1 – Request a review

You must first contact your course coordinator or program manager to request a review of your grade against one or more of the grounds stated in Assessment Processes 7.3. 

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, you may submit an appeal.

Stage 1 – within 5 working days of the date of publication of the result (recommended timeframe).

Stage 2 – Appeal  

Complete and submit the Appeal against a final course assessment result form from your RMIT student email account to:

  1. The Business School (TBS) – CoIAC Secretariat
    Phone, webchat and face-to-face
    Contact: Business Connect (Australia)
  2. School of Communication and Design (SCD) – CoIAC Secretariat
  3. School of Science, Engineering and Technology (SSET) – CoIAC Secretariat
  4. Foundation Studies – CoIAC Secretariat
    Email: TBA

Stage 2 – within 20 working days of the date of publication of the result.

You are strongly advised to be proactive and act promptly in the review and appeal process rather than wait until the maximum allowable time.

An outcome of a College Appeals Committee (ColAC) application

  • To appeal a decision made by the College Appeals Committee about: 
  • A final course result
  • A credit or recognition of prior learning outcome

You can only appeal where there's been a breach of University regulation, policy or process that had a significant impact on the outcome.

Complete and submit the Appeal against the outcome from a College Appeals Committee outcome form  to the University Appeals Committee (UAC). Within 10 working days of the date of the appeal outcome.

A special consideration outcome

To appeal a denied outcome from your special consideration application.

Complete and submit the Appeal against a special consideration outcome form with Student Connect or by email to VN Assessment Support at  Within 10 working days of the date of the outcome.


Exclusion from your program due to unsatisfactory academic progress

To appeal your school’s decision to exclude you from your program due to unsatisfactory academic progress. 

Complete and submit the Appeal against exclusion form with Student Connect or by email to VN Assessment Support at



Within 20 working days of the date you received the notification to exclude.

Note that if appealing this decision, you must be currently enrolled or on an approved leave of absence in the relevant program.

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