Change or cancel your enrolment

Details on how to change or cancel your enrolment. After you have enrolled, you can vary your enrolment until the relevant cut-off date for adding or dropping courses each semester.

Change your enrolment

After you have enrolled, you can vary your enrolment until the relevant cut-off dates for adding or dropping courses each semester. 

Important notifications and class schedules will be sent to you via email after your enrolment/re-enrolment is completed. You can also check your schedule by going to the Timeline section on the Online Enrolment page.

You will be required to pay fees on all courses (including the dropped ones) if you vary your enrolment after the census date. 

How to change your enrolment: 

  • Visit Modify your enrolment through Online Enrolment System (OES).
  • If you enrolled via the paper-based process or cannot make changes via OES, you can vary your enrolment by filling out the Enrolment Variation form, and then submitting it to Student Connect.
  • If you need further support, please contact Student Connect.

Cancel your program enrolment

If you wish to cancel your program enrolment, it is your responsibility to inform RMIT before the Census Date of the relevant semester. Census Dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.  

Who is eligible?

All students who are currently enrolled at RMIT Vietnam. 

What you need to know as a student

  • Students considering cancelling their enrolment are advised to consult with Student Connect Student Advisors prior to making formal decisions.
  • For international students, if your current visa has been sponsored by RMIT Vietnam, your visa will be therefore cancelled following the Visa cancellation process outlined HERE after the Cancellation of Enrolment request is submitted.
  • RMIT system/ platforms access loss: Your access to RMIT systems, including email and OneDrive, will be revoked from the effective dates.
  • Student ID Card: You are required to return your physical student ID card to Student Connect or Campus Security. 
  • If you cancel your enrolment after the Census Date, you are still liable for tuition and other fees, even if you do not attend classes.
  • Student Fees and Charges Guide: You can refer to Tuition fees to view deadlines related to fees and charges.

Next steps 

You should follow the following steps to cancel your program enrolment:

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