RMIT academic statement

Find out about the academic statements available and how to access your free digital statements.


What is a testamur?

A testamur is a legal document that satisfies Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) requirements. The testamur includes your name, the qualification completed, the date of conferral and the University seal. 

You will be issued a free digital testamur when you graduate (either in absentia or attend the ceremony). This can be used as proof of graduation for employers and other opportunities. 

Name on your testamur

The name on your testamur must appear exactly as it is on your RMIT student record. You can change the order of your names when you apply to graduate.  

Date on your testamur

  • The date on your testamur is your graduation date, when your award was officially conferred either in absentia or at a graduation ceremony. 
  • The conferral date is not the same as the date you completed your program.



What is a transcript?

Your transcript documents all of your programs, courses, results and any exemptions granted or withdrawals from courses after the census date. Results can't be removed from your transcript.

Where applicable, transcripts include details of completion, conferral (graduation) and University-awarded prizes and recognition. 

Completion and conferral transcripts

You will be issued a free digital transcript, that states your completion date, approximately 3 – 4 weeks after the release of the final result for your program. You will then be issued an updated digital transcript, stating your conferral date, after you graduate (either in absentia or at a graduation ceremony).

You will need a transcript when: 

  • Applying for study at other institutions, to provide evidence of the courses you have enrolled in and the results you achieved for all the programs you studied at RMIT.
  • Employment purposes, such as proving to an employer that you have completed or graduated from a program or to provide evidence of your GPA.


Digital academic statements and My eQuals

RMIT now issue official academic statements via My eQuals. Digital academic statements are certified, digital versions of your RMIT transcript and other official academic statements (excluding Statement of Academic Completion). These can be viewed and shared online via My eQuals, a world-class, secure online platform.

It is helpful for: 

  • Lifetime digital access to your transcript and other academic statements at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Instantly sharing secure, certified academic statements with employers, universities and other institutions.