Apply for leave of absence

Learn about and apply for a leave of absence.

If circumstances interfere with your studies at RMIT, you might take time away from classes by applying for a Leave of Absence. Students can now apply for Leave of Absence via myRMIT in the Submit Request tile. 

Who is eligible

  • RMIT students may apply for a Leave of Absence while enrolled in their award program (Higher Education courses) or non-award program (Single Course, UniStart Academic and Foundation Studies). 
  • Award program students may apply for up to three (03) semesters of Leave of Absence per application and six (06) semesters in total. Non-award program and Graduate Certificate students can only apply for up to one semester.
  • Research students must apply by completing an Application for leave of absence form (PDF). You need to get approval from your School before the enrolment deadline.

What you need to know as a student

  • In most cases, you can request a Leave of Absence if you are enrolled in a program at RMIT. If you are a new student who has not yet enrolled in courses, you can defer your place before you start rather than taking a Leave of Absence. 
  • Leave of Absence is not normally available to students once they are enrolled in the first semester (or study period) of their program unless they can demonstrate exceptional circumstances.
  • If you do not apply for a Leave of Absence before the relevant Census Date, or your application is not granted and you do not withdraw before the relevant deadline, you will have to pay all fees, even if you are no longer attending classes.
  • Students taking a Leave of Absence after the Census Date will receive a result of WDR (withdrawal) for enrolled courses; after week 8, Leave of Absence is generally not permitted for that semester. 
  • The dates for taking a leave of absence without penalty are published annually in the academic calendar.
  • You must continue to check your RMIT student email account and keep your university records updated during your absence. The University may need to contact you during your leave with important information. 
  • Once your Leave of Absence period ends, you must be enrolled for the semester following your leave of absence by the relevant enrolment deadline or risk cancellation of your enrolment.
  • If your program cannot support you to return from leave at your preferred time, your school may recommend you take a different period of leave before determining if leave can be approved.

For scholarship recipients, international students and students having Block mode courses, Intensive Postgrads Program or UniStart Program

  • Scholarship recipients may not take Leave of Absence exceeding two semesters for their program. 
  • International students on student visas sponsored by RMIT must adhere to the guidelines outlined in point 5 of the Study Visa Information for International Students.
  • Students having Block mode courses, in Intensive Postgrads Program or UniStart Program have separate deadlines for applying Leave of Absence. If you do not know the specific timeline applicable to your course or program, please reach out to your respective school or Student Connect for support.

Next steps

  • If you are considering taking a Leave of Absence, you are advised to consult with a Student Advisor from Student Connect before lodging an application.
  • Once you have made an informed decision, you can log in to myRMIT and submit a Leave of Absence request form via the Submit Request tile. 
  • If you change your mind and want to cancel your leave of absence request after you've submitted it, you can do so. You must cancel your leave of absence request before your census date. If you have missed classes while on leave of absence, you will need to catch up on the course material covered. For this reason, we advise that you talk to your course and/or program coordinator and consider your personal circumstances before you cancel your leave of absence request.
  • If you need further support, please contact Student Connect.