Timetable FAQs

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During the timetable selection period, you can use the myTimetable ‘heart’ ♥ function to request a place in a full class. Please note: 

  • This does not guarantee a place for you in the requested class. 
  • The ‘heart’ button is only available when (A) you have not selected any class, but all options are full or clashed with your existing timetable, or (B) you have selected a class but would like to change to another class which is full. 
  • You can request a place in multiple classes. If one of your requests is satisfied, other requests will be cancelled. 
  • You can cancel the requests by clicking on the heart again. 
  • You will be notified when your request is processed successfully via the system or your RMIT email.  

How to request a place in a full class: 

  • Log in to myTimetable via the Class timetables page 
  • In the myTimetable enrolment panel, click on the class you want to join, and you’ll be presented with time options offered for the class. 
  • Next to each class that’s full you’ll see a heart. Click on the heart to request a place in the class. You can request a place in as many classes as you like 
  • If a place becomes available, the system will automatically allocate you to your requested class. 

If you submit a request but change your mind, don't forget to remove the request by clicking on the heart again. 

You can move out of a selected class by clicking on the ‘rubbish bin’ icon next to it. 

It’s most likely because you've changed your courses and they haven’t loaded into myTimetable yet. Please try again in 60 minutes. 

There are some common login issues you may experience when using myTimetable. 

If you see the message Login error: You are not known by the system when trying to log in, it’s most likely because you've only just enrolled, and your courses haven’t loaded into myTimetable yet. Please try again in 60 minutes. 

If you’re experiencing long login or loading time, it’s most likely because the system is under high demand. Please wait at least 30 seconds before refreshing a page, or you'll be moved to the back of the server queue for the system. 

For password issues, visit Password assistance

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact Student Connect

Classes are scheduled to ensure core course options are clash-free, but it’s not possible to cater for every elective option or non-standard enrolment. If you have an unavoidable tutorial, lecture or lab clash, you should discuss your enrolment with Student Connect.

It’s most likely that your course is taught online or off-campus and aren’t scheduled in myTimetable. Check your Canvas for more information or contact Student Connect.

Yes, after you’ve created your personal class timetable, you can add it to your Apple calendar, Google calendar, Outlook calendar, etc.

  1. Log in to myTimetable via the Class timetables page
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the myTimetable home page to the Subscribe to your timetable section
  3. Copy the URL
  4. Use the appropriate instructions below to add your timetable to your calendar:

All rooms at RMIT are numbered in the following way: Building number > Floor number > Room number.

For example, room 2, on the fourth floor of building 2 is 2.4.002.

You can use the Search function in myTimetable to look up the timetables of courses you are not enrolled in. This is useful if you are considering enrolling in a course and want to see if the new course will clash with your existing timetable.

  1. Enter all or part of a course code or course name in the search box at the bottom-left of myTimetable
  2. Click the ‘Magnifying Glass’ button next to the Search box. A list of courses will appear
  3. Click ‘View’ next the course you are interested in. The courses’ activity timetable will be displayed. 

myTimetable works on almost all popular web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox, except for Internet Explorer. If myTimetable does not load on your side, please update your web browser to the latest version or contact ITS for support.

From semester 3, 2023 you may notice a “Select+” button appearing on your myTimetable record. This button indicates your courses have a set of classes that must be taken together as a combination. Clicking it will remove you from your current combination classes. Please ensure you want to change combinations before using the “Select+” button, as it will reallocate you to new classes for the set. 

Introduction to myTimetable

  • Can be viewed anytime, anywhere with a smartphone;
  • Allows you to see when other courses are scheduled;
  • Shows teaching room timetables including ad hoc bookings;
  • Allows you to download your timetable or view it on your mobile device;
  • Can be synchronized with your personal calendar;
  • Is accessible to thousands of students at the same time;
  • Connects your timetable with others and collaborate on group activities.

Check out tutorial videos for more information or contact Student Connect

Yes, intensive courses will show up on the myTimetable for the day when classes are running.

No, your timetable is provided by the School of English & University Pathways (SEUP).

Accessing myTimetable

You can access the myTimetable via myRMIT or the Class timetables page

Log in using your RMIT student email and password.

Please go to Important dates section for this information.

Yes, please contact Student Connect if you have any questions.


Allocate yourself to class groups

For all class groups, you can see the type of class, location, day, time and other information.

Yes. You must select a class group for all courses that you have enrolled even when there is only one class group offered. If you no longer want to study a course, you should unenroll from it.

myTimetable is closed for student selection a few days after the deadline for adding courses on Online Enrolment. Visit the Important Dates section for more details. When myTimetable is closed for timetable selection, you cannot select or change class groups. If you are unable to allocate yourself to class groups, please contact Student Connect for help.

Generally, no. myTimetable works on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you log in, the more choices you will have to select your preferred class-group. However, myTimetable allows priority access to special groups identified by the University.

Yes, you can view other course timetables by using the Public Timetable or search other courses directly on your myTimetable system.

Normally your most up to date enrolment is visible immediately after you log in. However, during peak time, it will take up to one hour before changes appear.

myTimetable does not send an email to confirm your selection. However, you can view your timetable by clicking on the Timetable tab; if the selected class group is displayed you have successfully registered.

You will receive notification from the system if there are any changes to rooms, dates, times, etc. 

You will also receive email from your school in advance if there is a major change to your timetables such as class cancellation.

RMIT Vietnam is not using this pending function. Although it is visible, it has no meaning for your use of myTimetable. RMIT's myTimetable will work purely on a first­ come­ first ­served basis.

myTimetable shows your timetable for the upcoming semester and current semesters in the same year.

Managing allocation problems

No. Please don’t attend classes that are full, as numbers in each class are limited to meet health and safety requirements and quality of teaching standards. Furthermore, attending classes that you’re not allocated into may cause problems with assessment and results.

You need to get an email approval of your program manager and then forward that approval to Student Connect so that they can support to allocate you into the class on the system. Attending classes that you’re not allocated into may cause problems with assessment and results.

Teachers in schools do not have access to change individual students’ timetables. This is to ensure all students are treated consistently and fairly. If you are unable to allocate yourself to class groups, please contact Student Connect for help.

Other timetabling features

Yes. myTimetable supports iCal. Using iCal, you can add your timetable to your calendar; more information can be found above. Once the timetable is added to your calendar, you can access it through your smartphone or mobile device.

Yes, myTimetable shows teaching room timetables. However, only scheduled teaching activities will be shown. Ad hoc bookings outside the University timetable will not be shown. This means that a free slot on a room timetable does not guarantee the room is really free.

Yes, myTimetable allows you to make connections with classmates. To use this function, click on LiveCal in the top-right of the screen, and then click Connections.