Step 3: Create your timetable

The Student Timetabling System (STS) is your portal to all your timetable needs

This page indicates information about critical dates and times related to Student Timetabling.

*Important: Students are recommended to access the Student Timetabling System (STS) on Thursday 18 June only during write access time for selected school/campus to avoid overloading the system and a smooth experience for all.

The full STS timetable | Semester 2020-2


SBM - School of Business & Management

SCD - School of Communication & Design

SST - School of Science & Technology

Sem 2020-2_STS Schedule_Eng

*** For ENGL1701, you will be allocated to a class-group by School of English and University Pathway (SEUP) staff.

Introductory video and quick guides

Learn about the student timetabling system (STS) through the introductory video and the quick guides.

Selecting class groups (PDF)

Searching other courses (PDF)

Adding your timetable into your personal calendar (PDF)

Public timetables is used to view the scheduled times for all courses offered by RMIT Vietnam. It includes information and locations of lectures, tutorials, labs, classes, etc. Public courses and room timetables are available here. 

FAQ's and support for STS

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