Class-group registration dates

Class-group registration dates

This page indicates information about critical dates and times related to the student timetabling system (STS).

*Important: Students are recommended to access the STS only during write access time allocated for your school/campus on Tuesday 29 January, in order to avoid overloading the system and in order to provide a smooth experience for all.

The full STS timetable - Semester 1, 2019


SBM - School of Business & Management

SCD - School of Communication & Design

SST - School of Science & Technology

Notice for UniStart and Diploma students studying English courses

  • STS will be available for class-group selection for students on both campuses for the courses ENGL1702 and ENGL1703. For ENGL1701, you will be allocated to a class-group by School of English & University Pathways