Building Entrepreneurial Talent

Entrepreneurial skills are vital in today’s changing world of work.

At RMIT we understand the importance of equipping students with real-world experiences and the skills to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

So whether it’s learning how to design and shape a business idea, pitch a concept to investors or using our Activator to transform an entrepreneurial idea into something world changing, RMIT’s entrepreneurial opportunities are endless.

All students can access a range of entrepreneurial initiatives through the University, including:

Digital drawing of email marketing.

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Industry networking, connections and mentoring initiatives through our Careers, Alumni and Industry Relations teams

Digital drawing of email marketing.

RMIT Activator

Access to the RMIT Activator

By enrolling in a program or course at RMIT, you're selecting an institution dedicated to ensuring our students are ready for life and work. Learn more about entrepreneurship at RMIT.