Global Leader Experience

Global Leader Experience - Asia Pacific

Find a solution to important issues in a group of RMIT students, with help from industry experts across the Asia Pacific region. You’ll develop your skills and will gain 4 RMIT Creds certificates and badges to attach to your CV, LinkedIn & more!

The challenge

How can we create stronger and more equitable societies in the Asia-Pacific region?

GLE June Brochure

Across two days you will:

  • Engage with industry leaders from Vietnam, Singapore and more...
  • Deepen your understanding of the challenge while interacting with a wide range of experienced leaders
  • Collaborate with RMIT students in a diverse team to create a solution to the challenge
  • Test your idea by pitching it to a panel of experts on the last day
  • Gain 4 RMIT Creds certificates and digital badges to boost your CV, LinkedIn & more!
Day 1 Day 2

Learn more about leadership diversity and the challenge you will be tackling.

Visit two organisations virtually to deepen your knowledge and meet your team!

Collaborate with your team to create a solution to the challenge.

Exercise your leadership skills by pitching your solution to a panel as a group.





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