Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities Training and Talkshow

About the event

Hosted by RMIT Wellbeing Safer Community, this is a free training opportunity for all RMIT students. This event provides essential knowledge about the Rainbow community that helps you better understand not only the diversity and inclusion but also builds acceptance and sensitivity towards the community. There will be an exciting opportunity to interact with community experts on matters of Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities (DGSS) languages and real-life experiences.

What you will learn

  • Be able to understand DGSS terminologies and languages. 
  • Be able to understand about the role and the meaning of being an ally to the DGSS community

Event agenda

  • 1.30 - 2.30pm: Training with RMIT Wellbeing on DGSS terminologies, languages, and allyship
  • 2.30 - 3.30pm: DGSS Talkshow: Voices of community.

Please note that all training is online.

Facilitators and Panelists

  • Le Hoang Minh Son (he/him), Safer Community Advisor, Wellbeing RMIT Vietnam
  • Phan Huyen Ngoc Linh (she/her), Wellbeing and Academic Integration Advisor, Wellbeing RMIT Vietnam
Special guests
Chu Thanh Ha (he/him), Founder and Executive Director, IT'S T TIME
Chu Thanh Ha (he/him) is a Vietnamese transgender advocate and researcher who is passionate and has years of professional experience in advocating for the voices, visibility and participation of the transgender and community with diverse gender identities in Vietnam. He is the founder and executive director of IT’S T TIME, a community-led organization for Vietnamese transgender and gender-diverse persons in the country. Since 2018, the organization has been working as a technical partner for the Ministry of Health in Vietnam in the development of the Gender Affirmation Bill.
Nguyen Bich Phuong (she/her), Co-founder, Ha Noi Queer
Nguyen Bich Phuong (she/ her) has educational qualifications in law and international development. She graduated from Hanoi Law University of Vietnam in 2013 and hold a master’s degree in Development Studies specialising in Gender from the University of Melbourne in 2019. Phương’s approaches to development projects include embracing diversity, respecting the community, and empowerment. Since 2015, Phương co-founded Ha Noi Queer - a community-based organisation with the vision of Hanoi becoming a queer-friendly city, where the queer community is respected, be true to who they are and have equal opportunities.
Do The Anh (he/him), Professional Communication student, RMIT Vietnam
Do The Anh (he/him), who is a professional communication student of RMIT Vietnam, makes things harder for him and everyone by committing to responsible media in every involved work. He shouted “you’re loved” to students as RMIT Wellbeing Ambassador, goofed about his queer, gay man life to strangers with UniGEN - a local rainbow community-based organization. The Anh is now hosting the ‘HOK•SAO•DOU mà Roberto Anh Do’ podcast to embrace both successful and reckless milestones of our life.

Pre-reading materials

Students are strongly recommended to follow this pre-training info package to prepare their best for the training.