Global Cities Challenge

About the event

The challenge: Designing the future: unleash your power of innovation to create change.

Across the two days, you will connect with industry experts from across the Asia Pacific region to gain a deeper understanding of the challenge. You will then work on a solution in a diverse team of RMIT students, focusing on topics such as sustainability, technology or the future of work. 

The event is hosted online via Zoom and free for all RMIT students

Event agenda

Tuesday, 16 November 2021: 

  • Morning: Meet your team and gain a better understanding of the challenge
  • Afternoon: Hear from industry and community leaders and start working on ideas with your team

Wednesday, 17 November 2021:

  • Morning: Get inspired by an inspirational leader before going back to your team to develop your idea
  • Afternoon: Test your ideas on experts, refine and showcase ideas to other students and a panel of experts

Featured experts

The event features 10+ industry experts, including:

  • Carrie Liauw – Director, APAC
  • Chris Hardesty – Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice, KPMG Singapore
  • Lathika Chandra Mouli – Sustainability Solutions Analyst, Engie
  • Harsh Bajpai – Commercial Lead Digital, Johnson Controls Singapore
  • Simon Carter – Founding Chair, SDP
  • Ben Peterson – Senior Consultant, IBM Australia
  • Hang Pham – Senior Climate Change Expert, Coral Future
  • Anustup Nayak – Project Director, Central Square Foundation
  • Nicholas Lander – Associate Environment and Planning, Aurecon
  • Bruno Fux – Director Ecocycle and Sustainable Development, Insee
  • Chris Law – Senior Manager Fintech and Innovation, Prime Credit
GEE_GCC Carrie Liauw
GEE_GCC Chris Hardesty
GEE_GCC Lathika Chandra Mouli
GEE_GCC Harsh Bajpai
GEE_GCC Simon Carter
GEE_GCC Ben Peterson
GEE_GCC Hang Pham
GEE_GCC Anustup Nayak
GEE_GCC Nicholas Lander
GEE_GCC Bruno Fux
GEE_GCC Chris Law

Why join the event?

By joining in this event, you will develop your ability to:

  • Work in a team remotely
  • Collaborate across cultures   
  • Lead and take initiative   
  • Communicate with multiple stakeholders   
  • Deal with competing demands in complex situations   
  • Innovate and tackle important issues 

Plus, you'll gain an RMIT Cred to showcase your new skills on your CV, LinkedIn and more.