Career Essential Week

About the event

Career Essential Week, which is hosted by RMIT Career Consultants and industry experts, can brighten your vision with the next-step know-how to start your career today. The sooner you start your career path, especially during university time, the higher possibility for you to succeed. 

The first 30 participants who check-in for the workshop will receive an exclusive lanyard. 


Career Essential Week

Preparation Workshop


  • Date: 13 December 2021
  • Time: 10 – 11.30am
  • Platform: Microsoft Teams


Being the support and incentive for RMIT students who are struggling among the career waves, “JUMP-START YOUR CAREER TODAY” workshop will encourage you to prepare for your future career as soon as possible by showing you why it is important and how to fully prepare for your work-life in a timely manner. 

The guest speaker from Talent Basket has extensive experience and provides real collected statistics on the current state of Vietnam labor market post-Covid to show why being well-prepared for future work-life as soon as possible can be a huge advantage for you. The workshop will cover: 

  • The Benefits of Starting Your Career Early
  • Specific steps to Jumpstart Your Career Early On
  • The importance of having Part-Time/ Internship early in their career
  • Recommended Job Search Websites


Career Essentials Day

  • Date: 14 December 2021
  • Time:
    • Option 1: 10 – 11.30am
    • Option 2: 3 – 4.30pm
  • Platform: Gather Town

In the “Full Circle Recruitment Support” event, you can meet with industry specialists with practical experience to refine your career decision, and repair for your future recruitment with an overview mockup of the full cycle of recruitment. The RMIT Career Consultant shares the detailed step-by-step process to provide you with a clear vision of what to do next on your career preparation journey. 

When visiting the event via Gather Town, participants can individually interact with HR experts about their specific concerns such as writing a CV, interview skills, management trainee, salary negotiation, business manners, and assessment tools. Join the workshop now to learn the full stages of the recruitment process and get your CV checked right away!