Graduation 2021: 29 - 30 March

Congratulations! You’re now a graduate of RMIT University. We’re so proud of you and look forward to celebrating your achievement and hard work. 

In the unprecedented global pandemic, all of us need to ensure the health and safety of our community. We hope that you will understand and follow the necessary steps below to ensure that our graduation is COVID-safe. 

The ceremony will be live-streamed on RMIT Vietnam's Facebook and YouTube. 

Graduation date and time

Graduation 2021 of SGS campus will take place in the Recreation and Event Complex (REC), Building 10. 

  • Session 1: Monday 29 March 2021; 9.30 AM - 11.00 AM
  • Session 2: Monday 29 Mar 2021; 2.30 PM - 4.00 PM
  • Session 3: Tuesday 30 Mar 2021; 9.30 AM - 11.00 AM

Graduation booklet

The graduation booklet records your achievement with RMIT Vietnam. Download and share your award with family, friends or a future employer!

Before the Graduation Day

Before 18 March

It’s mandatory to complete this registration form before coming to campus to pick up gown and ticket on 20 March. 

  • If you pick up gowns and tickets by yourself, you’ll need to fill in the form with your name, student ID or alumni ID, and your national ID card. 
  • If you ask someone to pick up gowns and tickets on your behalf, you’ll need to fill in the form with their names and national ID card. 
  • Complete the health declaration (insert form) form before coming to the gown pick up day.
20 March

Pick up your gown and tickets at SGS campus. 

Saturday, 20 Mar 2021 (8:00 am – 12:00 pm & 13:00 – 16:30 pm) 

Recreation & Events Complex, Saigon South Campus

  • Parking: motorbikes should be parked on campus and cars should be parked at the Eastern Land. Click to see the location
  • When arriving on campus, show your completed health declaration authorisation (email with green tick) and follow the instruction to collect your gowns and tickets. 
  • To comply with the current social restrictions, you can invite up to two guests to attend the graduation with you. You will need to collect three tickets for you and your guests. Unfortunately, we can’t allow children under 13 years old to attend the ceremony. 
  • Please observe social distancing rules and wear a face mask on the way and when you’re on campus.
Before 29 March

You and your guests are required to:

On your Graduation Day

The ceremony will be livestreamed on RMIT Vietnam Facebook and YouTube channels. 

We recommend you and your guests arrive 90 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. It allows you to complete the check-in process, taking photos and enjoy your graduation day at the fullest. 

  • Parking: Motorbikes should be parked on campus and cars should be parked at the Eastern Land. Click to see the locationHowever, the parking slots are limited and served on a first come first serve basis, the alternatives are to get a taxi or park in a safe area away from campus. 
  • Check-in: When arriving on campus, show your completed health declaration authorisation (email with green tick) and follow the instruction to head to Building 10. Ensure that you and your guests have registered your names and have your tickets in hand as there will be no entry without name register and tickets. 
  • On the way to the Recreation & Event Complex, there’ll be many photo booths for you to capture moments of your memorable day. 
  • COVID-19 safety requirements: please practice social distancing and always wear masks when you’re on campus. 

Check list

  • Graduands are requested to be at the REC for rehearsal 90 minutes before the ceremony starts. Doors will be closed 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.

You will be distributed a name card at the rehearsal. Make sure you keep it during the ceremony. It is essential that you sit in the seat allocated to you, and that you remain in the correct order. For the presentation of your testamur (degree), you will be guided onto the stage by our ushers. Specific details will be provided in the rehearsal before the ceremony.

  • For guests: Guests should make their way over to the Recreation & Event Complex to take your seats 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. The guests will need to show your tickets at the entrance to enter the event hall.
  • During the ceremony: Your graduation ceremony will last for approximately one hour. Click here to view and download the event rundown (to be updated). All participants are required to wear masks all the time, except when you come to the stage to receive your certificate.  

Please inform your guests that they are not permitted to approach the stage area to take photos  during the ceremony as this impedes the movement of graduates to and from the stage. Professional photographers will be taking photos at the ceremony, including when you receive your testamur on stage.

  • After the ceremony: At the end of the ceremony, you will follow the Academic Procession out of the hall for the official photograph, as directed by the ushers. Take any valuables with you. 

Please remember to collect your gift bag and return your gown to designated sign. 

Congratulations again - You’re now a graduate of RMIT University! 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can enter and take photos in the public areas on campus with Alumni cards. However, you cannot take your families in until Graduation Ceremonies.

Please note that access to restricted areas, including library, parking areas, classrooms, functional rooms is not permitted for the safety reason.

RMIT SGS campus is disabled-friendly. You and your guests can visit and enjoy the ceremony without any difficulties.   


Need more information?

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