Career Mentoring Week 2021: Mentor Matching, Career Catching

Career Mentoring Week is back this semester!

This is a chance to expand your professional network and gain career-related knowledge through insightful stories from industry mentors via these amazing activities:

  • Career Talks with mentors from different backgrounds on exploring career paths, necessary skills and knowledge relating to future jobs.
  • Industry Panel Discussions with guest speakers from a specific industry on particular information about related career paths. 
  • Virtual Express Mentoring giving mentees and mentors from diverse industries opportunities to meet up, network and share career-related insights.



Date Activity Time Platform
23 August 2021 Career Mentoring Info Session 10 - 11am Gather Town
Career Talk: The Ripple Effects of Innovation: Small Changes, Big Impacts 3 - 4.30pm Microsoft Teams
24 - 27 August 2021 Mentoring Drop-in Consultation 10am - 3pm Gather Town
24 August 2021 Career Conversations: Retails & Business Management 3 - 4.30pm Microsoft Teams
Virtual Express Mentoring: Retails & Business Management 7 - 8.30pm Gather Town
25 August 2021 Career Conversations: E-commerce & Technology 3 - 4.30pm Microsoft Teams
Virtual Express Mentoring: E-commerce & Technology 7 - 8.30pm Gather Town
26 August 2021 Career Conversations: Creative Media & Design 3 - 4.30pm Microsoft Teams
Virtual Express Mentoring: Creative Media & Design 7 - 8.30pm Gather Town
27 August 2021 Career Talk - Working Abroad: Cross-Cultural Careers 3 - 4.30pm Microsoft Teams

Guest speakers

  • Ms. Mai Tran - General Director, Kantar Media
  • Mr. Binh Ho - Director, SSVN Survival Skills Vietnam
  • Ms. Soline Le - Strategic Board Member, Vietnam Dental Tourism
  • Ms. Julia Harvey - Digital Transformation Consultant, BAT Vietnam
  • Mr. Coi Tran - Managing Director, FPT Slovakia
  • Ms. Anne Nguyen - Business Analyst, McKinsey & Co.
  • Mr. Dat Do - Director, Saigon Rangers Film Studio
  • Ms. Thuyen Vu - Senior Business Planning Manager, LOTTE Mart
  • Mr. Anh Du - Campaign Manager, Lazada Vietnam
  • Ms. Mia Nguyen - Regional Product Group Manager, INKR Global
  • and many more to be announced soon!

Every guest speaker in our session is available as a mentor in the Career Mentoring platform. If you would like to ask for further information, feel free to reach out to them and start your mentoring program.