RMIT Student Award for Excellence in Sustainability

Event overview

The RMIT Student Award for Excellence in Sustainability is a prestigious accolade presented to RMIT students who has exhibited exceptional imagination, courage, integrity, and impact in the field of sustainability.

This award recognises the outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals who have demonstrated RMIT core values, while also highlighting the potential to create a significant impact on a local or global scale through projects that demonstrate sustainable initiatives, advocacy, and actions.


Recognition and benefits

The Student Award for Excellence in Sustainability celebrates and encourages students who are driving positive change toward a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. It acknowledges their dedication to sustainability and their potential to be future leaders in this critical field. 

The Student Award for Excellence in Sustainability not only provides recognition for the recipient's outstanding efforts but also offers several benefits: 

Certificate of Excellence

The recipient will receive an official trophy and certificate recognising their achievement.

Public recognition

The award recipient will be publicly recognised through university communications, including newsletters, websites, and social media.

Professional development

The award can enhance the recipient's resumé and career prospects, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and leadership skills.

Networking opportunities

The recipient may have the chance to connect with sustainability professionals, faculty, and alumni, opening doors to valuable networking opportunities.


The award serves as an inspiration to other students, encouraging them to get involved in sustainability initiatives and make a positive impact.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the Student Award for Excellence in Sustainability, candidates and projects must meet the following criteria: 

  • Candidates must be currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students at RMIT Vietnam
  • Candidates can self-nominate if the project has received a distinction or higher grade, or can be invited by their lecturers based on high achievement in sustainability impact
  • Projects may include high-achieving university assessments, or sustainable competition entries, or a university-initiated project, that positively impact RMIT and/or local communities while highlight RMIT's core values, including: 
    1. Passion – demonstrates deep commitment and engagement to creating a positive impact in addressing sustainable problems in the world
    2. Courage – demonstrates advocacy of sustainable issues of importance and positive change that benefits all
    3. Imagination – demonstrates sustainable innovation, adaptability, and creativity
    4. Impact – demonstrates the positive and lasting sustainable impact that could be academic, social, cultural, and/or environmental
  • Both individual and group works can be submitted
  • The submitted work must have been produced during the same academic year as the award

How to participate

Candidates, or educators, need to submit the projects via the SharePoint link below, with a 400-word short essay on describing the projects and how they exemplifies the 4 criteria/RMIT core value (passion, courage, imagination and impact), along with the grades received (if available).

Submission deadline: 5pm, 21 February 2024 (Wednesday).

Nomination and Selection process

The nomination and selection process for the Student Award for Excellence in Sustainability includes the following steps: 

  1. Students submit their project along with a 400-word description of the project and how it addresses the 4 criteria based on RMIT core values before 5pm, 21 February 2024.
  2. A dedicated review committee, consisting of a representative from RMIT senior management, faculty representatives from each school (3), a student representative from the student council, and previous award recipient (when possible), will evaluate the nominations. The committee will evaluate nominees based on their demonstrated excellence in sustainability impact, courage, imagination and passion. 
  3. A shortlist of 30 finalists (10 per school) will be selected, and they may be invited for interviews or presentations for marketing and showcase purposes.
  4. The recipient of the award will be announced at a special ceremony or event, and they will receive a trophy and certificate of excellence and recognition for their outstanding contributions. 

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