Course Experience Survey – Sem 3, 2023


Course Experience Survey (CES) is your chance to feedback on your learning experience, including course content, structure, assessments, lecturers, and more. Not any other social media platform, this is the official survey where your feedback is collected confidentially and influence changes in RMIT’s learning and teaching activities.

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Who can participate?

When the CES is open, all students enrolled in a higher education course will get to have their says and complete the surveys. 

Why you should take the CES

Your voice is heard

By taking the CES, you are letting RMIT know how you feel about your experiences studying at RMIT.

Make your life at RMIT better

This is your chance every year to help improve the teaching quality at RMIT.

Get support from Student Feedback Team

The Survey Representatives are available in both Hanoi and Saigon South campuses to give you support.

How to participate

The Student Experience Survey is running from Monday 1 January to Sunday 4 February.

Otherwise, you can take the survey by either of the following methods: 

  • Accessing through the link through an email sent by RMIT Student Feedback team at
  • Scanning the QR code digital signage on campus
  • Meeting student survey representative team in Hanoi and SGS campus

Remember the three Bs

Student responses to surveys fall within the scope of RMIT's code of conduct. Follow our three Bs to ensure that your comments are well-received and lead to the change you want to see.

Be Constructive

The feedback should be clear, positive and compassionate responses on the survey will lead to actionable changes in your student experience

Be Professional

Comments using professional language get taken seriously. Comments with inappropriate language may be auto-filtered and never be reported

Be Open

Open, honest comments help us understand what is working and what isn't for you

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Contact us

Get support from the Student Survey Representative team or contact RMIT Vietnam Surveys at

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