Graduation ceremony in Hanoi

RMIT's Vietnam graduation ceremony in Hanoi will be organised at the National Convention Center on Saturday, 13 April 2024.

On this page, you will find information about: 


Order of proceedings

  • Ceremony announcements
  • Student performance
  • Entry of the Academic Procession
  • Opening remarks
  • Speaker's speech
  • Conferring of Diplomas and Degrees
  • Presentation of graduates
  • Closing remarks
  • Academic procession retires
  • Group photo and ceremony concludes

Session list

Program code Program name
DR205 PhD (Business)
DR204 PhD (Management)
MC192 Master of International Business
MC199 Master of Business Administration
GC047 Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
BP343 Bachelor of Business
BP217 Bachelor of Business (Management)
BP276 Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)
BP312 Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
BP255 Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
BP253 Bachelor of Business (International Business)
BP318 Bachelor of Digital Marketing
BP251 Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance)
BP316 Bachelor of Design Studies
BP222 Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication)
BP162 Bachelor of Information Technology

Graduation Instruction Video

To make sure your big day goes as smoothly as possible, there are a few things you need to know and do to be fully prepared. Watch this instructional video and get ready to shine on your graduation day! 

We want to especially thank all members of RMIT Vietnam ENACTUS Club for their choreography and performance in this project.​

On your graduation day

Check-in process

  • At the check-in table, you and your guests need to show:  
    • Your graduation tickets 
    • Your valid National ID/ Passport/ Driver's license 
  • All check-in information needs to match your registration form.
  • Check-in time:
    • From 7 am: Check-in time for all to access the venue (NCC) 
    • From 7.45 am: Check-in time for graduands to access event hall (MH) 
    • From 8:40 am: Check-in time for guests to access the event hall (MH) 

Ceremony time

  • The ceremony will take place from 9.15am - 11.30am.
    • Graduands are requested to be at the ceremony hall for rehearsal at least 60 minutes before the ceremony starts.
    • Guest should make their way over to the ceremony hall to take their seats 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.
  • All guests and graduates are expected to stay until the end of the ceremony.
  • The doors of the event hall will be closed strictly at 9.10 am.

Please refer to the details below for arrival and check-in times and plan your day's schedule accordingly.

To ensure the quality of the ceremony, RMIT has the right to refuse access to the ceremony hall for graduates and guests who do not meet the above requirements and do not follow the staff’s instructions.


You can find out more about the National Convention Center, including information about parking spaces on their website here.


You are required to wear a gown set throughout the ceremony. Please dress appropriately underneath your gown. Assistance with putting on gowns and hoods will also be provided by our volunteers before the graduation ceremony on graduation day.


How to wear your graduation attire

Check out this helpful guide to wearing your Higher Education academic attire when graduating from RMIT University.

Ceremony procedures


All graduands must attend the rehearsal before the official ceremony.

You will be distributed a name card at the rehearsal. Make sure you keep it during the ceremony. It is essential that you sit in the seat allocated to you, and that you remain in the correct order. For the presentation of your testamur (degree), you will be guided onto the stage by our ushers. 

Please be respectful to other graduates and the audience after you receive your testamur by returning to your seat quietly and not using your mobile phones.

All guests and graduates are expected to stay in your seats until the end of the ceremony, even after you have been presented on stage.

Seating for guest

We have dedicated seating areas for your guest(s). Please inform your guest(s) to arrive early as these areas are served on a first come first serve basis.


Please inform your guest(s) that they are not permitted to approach the stage area to take photos during the ceremony as this impedes the movement of graduates to and from the stage. 

Professional photographers will be taking photos at the ceremony, including when you receive your testamur on stage.

Retiring procession

At the end of the ceremony, you will follow the Academic Procession for the official photograph, as directed by the ushers. Take any valuables with you. 

Accessibility support for guests and students

If you or your guests have mobility impairments, please inform us in advance to arrange support. You can submit the request for support via Student Connect.

After the ceremony

Gown return

Please make sure you return the gowns and hoods at the designated locations/drop off point before you leave the ceremony. You can keep your mortarboard with you. 

Ceremony photo

Your photos will be uploaded to Flickr.

Your official digital testamur and transcript

Academic statements have now gone digital, via My eQuals. You already have the access to your digital official testamur and transcript via My eQuals – they are securely stored and permanently available anytime and anywhere. Please make sure your personal email is updated with RMIT. 

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