RMIT Sustainability: Bring Clean Plastics, Take Home Gifts

Event overview

Bring Clean Plastics, Take Home Gifts is a monthly exchange waste event of Waste Classification at RMIT and takes place on Wednesday in the third week of every month at Saigon South campus.

The event aims to provide an opportunity for the entire RMIT community to develop the habit of waste classification waste at source and contribute to the reduction and recycling of plastic waste, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

The event's interactive booths will offer engaging activities to enhance participants' knowledge on the proper sorting of waste and sustainability with exciting freebies.

Join RMIT Sustainability in making a sustainable difference! Together, let's pave the way for a greener future at RMIT and inspire others to follow suit.

How to participate

Step 1: Collect And Classify

Sort out clean plastic (including plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic straws, styrofoam, milk cartons, and snack packages) at your home or your office.

Note: We only receive CLEAN PLASTICS. Please make sure that they are CLEAN!


Step 2: Find Us on Campus

Come to our booth from 9 am - 3 pm at the Canteen area to:

  • Exchange gifts that are equal to the amount of plastic waste you collected;
  • Engage in fun games and activities that instruct on waste classification
  • Receive gifts and gain Green Points.


Step 3: Exchange Plastics for Gift

You will have the opportunity to exchange your collected plastic waste for attractive and exclusive gifts from RMIT.

Exchange rules

  • 0.5kg-1.9kg: Receive 5 GreenPoints
  • 2kg-2.9kg: Receive 10 GreenPoints
  • Over 3kg: Receive 15 GreenPoints

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