Guidelines for photography and filming on campus

Follow these guidelines to receive authorisation and approval for photography and filming on campus from RMIT Vietnam.

The University Communications team is responsible for reviewing, approving, and coordinating all requests for film, video, and photography. The following guidelines outline the process for obtaining permission and assistance in filming or photographing on campus. All inquiries should be made to the University Communications team rather than to individual departments. 

Filming/Photography authorisation for students/staff 

Students/staff with a valid RMIT Vietnam ID card are allowed to take photos/ film on campus in public/restricted areas with either professional cameras or smart devices for their projects/courses/works. 

Public areas include:  

  • Building halls (do not impact on lessons and other activities) 
  • REC lobby (do not impact on other users’ activities) 
  • Pathways between all buildings 
  • Lawns 
  • Food court areas outside Building 1 and 2   

Restricted areas include:

  • Library
  • Gym room
  • Sport Hall
  • Parking areas
  • Classrooms
  • Functional rooms:
    • Fashion lab (1.2.19, SGS campus)
    • Trading lab (2.2.004, SGS campus)
    • Mac lab (2.3.003, SGS campus)
    • Blockchain room (1.4.015, SGS campus)
    • Tourism of Hospitality Management classroom (2.3.001, SGS campus)

Access to public areas and restricted areas must be sought the Authorisation form from University Communications at least 5 weekdays in advance. Students can seek for support from the administrative staff of the Schools to book classrooms for shooting or to have campus access for external guests.

Other shooting rules: 

  • No blocking of entrances/exits or fire escape routes of all buildings 
  • No filming in changing rooms and restrooms
  • You need to ask permission, using the permission form below to film any individual students or members of staff. Individual students or staff must consent by signing the form.
  • Make sure the RMIT footage is used only for projects/courses/works
  • Using RMIT footage for any commercial purpose shall be considered case-by-case

Notes: If a professional filming crew from an external organisation or RMIT outsiders accompanies students, they are required to fill in the Permission form and submit a shooting script. These have to be submitted at least 5 working days in advance. 

The Security team are required to ask any students/staff to show their ID cards when using professional cameras on the campus. 

Filming/Photography authorisation for external organisations 

External organisations can request permission to film on RMIT Vietnam’s campuses. All requests will be vetted to ensure the filming is appropriate and that the necessary security and insurance requirements are in place.   

All filming requests  must be submitted to Communications team by emailing