Safer community

Safer Community is a protective service for both students and staff. Learn more about the support available for threatening or inappropriate behaviour.

At RMIT, we are committed to providing a respectful and safe place to study and work. Safer Community is RMIT's dedicated service for all students and staff to report unwanted or threatening behaviour. 

This includes bullying, sexual harassment, assault, and family/relationship violence, as well as other concerning or inappropriate behaviours.  

If you are feeling unsafe about threatening or unwanted behaviour, you can talk to us about your concerns and discuss options – even if the behaviour happened off campus. 

Students and staff are able to remain anonymous when reporting concerns.

When you contact Safer Community, we will: 

  • listen
  • try to understand what’s important to you
  • explain and explore options - you decide which is most appropriate
  • always consider your well-being
  • discuss with you if we need to take steps to ensure the safety of our community

Report to Safer Community

If you have experienced threatening or concerning behaviour or you are worried about someone in our community, Safer Community can help. 

Support at RMIT

There are a wide variety of support options available to you at RMIT and from external agencies. Part of what we do at Safer Community is to guide you through your options and help you get the most useful support for your situation.

Safer Community may engage services across the university to support staff or students. Below is a list of support services available to you at the University.

  • Safer Community Advisor: respond to reports of safety concerns, develop safety plans, liaise with other university staff by request (complaints, conduct, etc), arrange external support
  • Child Safe Advisor: guide staff through responses to child safe concerns, liaise with parents, support students
  • Counselling Service: if you want to talk about personal, stress management, mental health or well-being concerns
  • Conduct and Complaints: Safer community can guide you through the process of reporting a conduct matter or complaint
  • Campus Security: can participate in safety plans for students if needed
  • Safer Community offices:

Immediate Safer Community Response

For emergency cases such as: 

  • Violent or physical threats, or possession of a weapon 
  • Sudden death 
  • Sexual assault
  • Intending to commit suicide


Call RMIT 24/7 Security Hotline: 1800 2233


If the concern arises during Safer Community working hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm), contact RMIT Safer Community Hotline (028) 362 24449

If the concern arises after Safer Community working hours, contact International SOS: (028) 3829 8520

Safer Community offices

Saigon South

  • Room: 1.4.13 Beanland Building
  • Phone: 028 3622 4432
  • Working hours:
    Monday to Friday
    9am - 4pm


  • Room 1.1.08 Handi Resco Building
  • Phone: 024 3201 2533
  • Working hours: 
    Monday to Friday
    9am - 4pm
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Connect with Safer Community

For general information about RMIT Vietnam Safer Community, email