RMIT student cards

Your RMIT Student ID card is your key to unlocking the full RMIT experience.

Use your student card to print anywhere on-campus, access RMIT buildings and computer labs, I.D yourself at exams, and borrow from the Library!

On this page, you will find information about: 

Notice: For the health and safety of the RMIT community, only RMIT students are allowed to use student ID cards to access the campus and its facilities. You're responsible for keeping your student ID card safe. Lending your student ID card is strictly prohibited and will result in a penalty. If you cancel your enrolment at RMIT, please return your card to Student Connect.

Get your first student card

Your first student card is free. Make sure to submit a colour passport-style photo on myRMIT. You will receive an email notification before the start of your first semester to pick up your card on campus.

If you are a new student and need to pick up your new RMIT card, you must bring another form of official ID (passport or national ID card) for campus access.

When you forget your RMIT student card

In case you forget your RMIT student card, you need to follow the steps below to gain access to the campus:

  • Step 1: At the main gate, declare to the security guard that you forget your RMIT student ID card 

  • Step 2: Scan the QR code provided by the security guard and fill in the form to ensure an authenticity check. Please use your RMIT email with the domain

  • Step 3: Check your inbox and open the confirmation email from with the subject [Confirmation of forget badge No. ...] Security RUVN Notification

  • Step 4: Show the confirmation email to the security guard and follow their instructions to access campus

Students are required to wear RMIT student cards on campus at all times to ensure campus safety and security.

Please note that your request to access campus will be denied if you forget your card more than three (3) times a month. 

Replacement student card (expired/lost/stolen/update a new photo)

Expired student card

Current students whose student card is due to expire soon or has already expired, please follow the steps below to apply for card extension. This is a free service.

  • Step 1. Visit Student Connect Service Points at Saigon South or Hanoi Campus
  • Step 2. Request for ID card extension
  • Step 3. A new expiration date will be labelled on your expired card

Note to students in Saigon South campus: If your card has already expired, you need to apply for a single-entry card at the Security Counter first before entering the campus to apply for card extension with Student Connect.

Replacement Cards (lost/stolen/update a new photo)

Replacement cards can be ordered through the Student Connect Online Portal and cost VND 200,000. You must be enrolled in an RMIT program to be eligible for a replacement card.

Your new card should be ready at Student Connect within five (5) business days, excluding the submission day. 

You are not eligible for a replacement student card if:

  • you are not currently enrolled at RMIT, or
  • you have completed/graduated from a program, or
  • you have cancelled a program.