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On this page, you can find all information about the ceremonies, how to collect your gown and COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

We'll update this page frequently with essential information for graduates until the last graduation ceremony. Stay tuned! 


COVID-19 safety guidelines

RMIT Vietnam has some safety measures to keep our students, staff and campuses safe, and you're an important part of it.  

Please ensure that you and your guests are fully vaccinated or have recovered completely from COVID-19.  

  • Full vaccination: you are fully vaccinated after 14 days of getting the second dose in a 2-dose vaccine, such as the AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson's Janssen vaccine. 
  • Full recovery: you recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months, as confirmed by the local authorities (with verification). 

Your guests who accompany you on your graduation day should be over 12 years old. Those who are under 18 years old will be asked to show identity documents such as passport or national identity card etc. at the entrance.

Access campus to collect gown and attend your ceremony:  

The app PC-COVID is required for campus check-in for all students and guests. Here's the detailed instructions to download and use the app

Green square You can access campus if your health declaration result is normal, and the status of your COVID-19 pass is satisfactory.  

Red square You will not be allowed on campus if:  

  • Your medical declaration is not normal  
  • You are not yet fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 
  • OR if the status of your COVID-19 pass requires additional documentation, for example, when you are a recently recovered F0 or you were vaccinated in a different country. 

In this case, please prepare to provide proof of your COVID-19 recovery or vaccination status to the security for review. Digital documents or photos/scans of original certificates are accepted. Without the appropriate document, you will not be granted campus access. 

While you're on campus, please always wear your mask and keep your personal hygience, following RMIT's COVIDSafe practices on campus.

Collect your gown

The colour of your hood or stole represents your program’s discipline.
Before the ceremony, you will need to collect your gown and two guest tickets. 

For graduates in Saigon South campus: 

  • Date: Friday 25 March 2022 
  • Location: RMIT Saigon South campus 

For graduates in Hanoi city: 

  • Date: Friday 1 April 2022 
  • Location: RMIT Hanoi city campus

Attend the ceremony 

Will your graduation ceremony be in Hanoi or Saigon South? Find your program sessions and essential information here.  

Saigon South campus: 

  • Date: 4 & 5 April 2022 (morning and afternoon sessions)  
  • Venue: Recreation and Events Complex, Saigon South Campus, 702 Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, District 7, HCMC  


  • Date: 8 April 2022  
  • Venue: National Convention Center – Pham Hung, Me Tri, Nam Tu Lien, Hanoi 

Essential information:  

  • Graduands are requested to be at the event venue (REC at SGS campus or the NCC at Hanoi city) for rehearsal 90 minutes before the ceremony starts. Doors will close 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.
  • You will be distributed a name card at the rehearsal. Make sure you keep it during the ceremony. It is essential that you sit in the seat allocated to you, and that you remain in the correct order. For the presentation of your testamur (degree), you will be guided onto the stage by our ushers. 
  • For guests: Guests should make their way over to the Recreation & Event Complex/ NCC Hall to take their seats 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. Guests will need to show their tickets at the entrance to enter the event hall
  • During the ceremony: Your graduation ceremony will last for approximately one hour. All participants are required to wear masks all the time, except when you come to the stage to receive your certificate.  
  • Please inform your guests that they are not permitted to approach the stage area to take photos during the ceremony as this impedes the movement of graduates to and from the stage. Professional photographers will be taking photos at the ceremony, including when you receive your testamur on stage.
  • After the ceremony: At the end of the ceremony, you will follow the Academic Procession out of the hall for the official photograph, as directed by the ushers. Take any valuables with you. 

Congratulations again - You’re now a graduate of RMIT University! 

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure a COVID-safe environment for our community, alumni or guests can access campus only if they have appointments with an RMIT staff member. Alumni and guests will need to be fully vaccinated or have recovered completely from COVID-19. Upon arriving on campus, they will need to complete our campus daily entry procedure and maintain good 5K practices. Please read more here

RMIT SGS campus is accessible. You and your guests can visit and enjoy the ceremony without any difficulties.   

Yes, please contact and follow their instructions. Your request will be processed after 8 April.  

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